What Does a Precinct Look Like and Do You Know Your Chair?

Full disclosure for those of you reading this who do not know me:  I am a Republican, so this is from a Republican perspective, but having said that, some things apply to both parties. Find out more if you are interested and get involved in your local community.

So here is what the Washington County Precinct Map in Oklahoma looks like:

Washington County PCT Map


Once you figure out your precinct, then you can find out who your precinct chair is — well you could if the party in Washington County had a website and shared that kind of information…. or if the state GOP published party officers at the precinct level.  But sadly not there either.  Here is the best I know based on the biennial meeting in 2013 and some special efforts that I went through to publish the names at the time:  Washington County Republican Precinct Leaders (2013).

Here is another way to find your precinct information:  Voter registration info – polling place and more

I got an email from one of the party officers the other day that our meetings in Washington County have been scheduled.  Here are the meeting details; and remember you must be registered Republican to participate in the Republican party meetings:

The Washington County Republican Party will be holding their Biennial Precinct Meetings on Tuesday January 20th at 7 pm at the Elks Lodge in Bartlesville,  OK.  (Elks Lodge Address: 1060 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006)

The Washington County Republican Party Convention will also be held at the Elks Lodge on February 21st with registration starting at 12 noon.

The party rules are here>>>

The party platform is here>>>

If you plan to bring resolutions to submit for consideration, please bring at least 3 copies!

Sandra Crosnoe

Washington County Republican Precinct Chair – Precinct 28


References:  The Official Call for the 2015 Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention

Sample OKGrassroots Resolutions from previous years here — and more!

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