Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot – Season of Rejoicing

Thanksgiving Card version2 2015

Ok technically Sukkot was September 27th to October 4th in 2015, but sounds a bit like our Thanksgiving to me.  So I have extended my season of rejoicing!  And it is always a good day to be thankful!  Here is more information about the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) if you are interested.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

More scriptures about giving thanks and my card from 2014

My personal update card from 2013

Thanksgiving prayer and a blessing card from 2012

Thanksgiving praise and proclamation card from 2011

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More information about the biblical calendar:

Fox Business News Debate Livestream Link – November 10th

Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice – Interim Study November 5th at OK State Capitol

Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice

Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice – Public Hearing Nov 5th

Interim Study to discuss the balance of public health, parental rights and religious freedom relative to vaccines.

Thursday, November 5th
at 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Oklahoma State Capitol   —  UPDATE Room 419C
22nd St and Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

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Finding Gems and Sharing Them on Oklahomans for Vaccine Choice

Derek Prince: The Purpose of God’s Laws

The Purpose of God’s Laws

Psalm 119:90–91

Your faithfulness [O Lord] continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures. Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve you.     NIV

Today with Derek Prince     The power behind the universe is not something purely physical. It’s not atoms or electrons or other scientific objects but it’s the Word of God. In the New Testament we are told that the heavens were formed by the Word of God. The universe, the things which are seen, were not made of things that do appear. That behind the whole world is that invisible, irresistible, creative and sustaining power of the Word of God. God’s laws govern this universe. They may be invisible, but they’re very real and according to this word that I’ve read, all things serve God.

Isn’t that a wonderful thought? Everything in the universe is fulfilling God’s laws and working out His purposes. And His purposes center in His people so that all God’s laws are really working together for our benefits.

In the New Testament Paul tells some Christians, “All things are for your sakes.” Can you grasp that? God’s laws and purposes – they are all for us. They’re all working out that which is good for us and they control the universe. Many other factors may seem to enter in, but ultimately its God’s laws that settle our destiny.

—Derek Prince

To listen to Derek’s original audio on Derek Prince Ministry’s website click here.

[Derek Prince’s teaching ministry has blessed me throughout my life, first in Jamaica when just out of high school and now with his daily devotionals via email.  Thanking our heavenly Father for men and women who share the gospel tirelessly and with great concern for people to know Jesus and be set free from sin and death!  One day when asking the Lord if I would fulfill my purpose? He answered me this way.  “How could it not be so.”  Indeed!  More of a statement than a question.  Worth pondering.  Blessings/sc]


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City of Bartlesville Wants a Little More Money; Just Say No on Tuesday Oct 13th

Washington County Grassroots Graphic Corrected 2014

Yes there is an election on October 13th.  First my usual rant about there should not be special elections like this.  It should always be on a ballot with other matters for two reasons:

  • So it would get more attention and more scrutiny and more people voting about raising taxes,
  • So that we could reduce the cost of having these ‘special’ elections.

I wish Bartlesville city leaders would learn to prioritize spending so that tax increases in a down economy would not be even requested. It seems wrong to require more money even a little bit for more jobs for the city when so many are doing without so much among us. As long as the majority of the people voting will say yes, these things will keep coming up for a vote. We must learn to say no, and force our leaders to cut costs and deliver only the most essential services with funds on hand.

There is plenty out there about why you should vote for this because it isn’t much and it will do so much for us – according to the ‘yes’ folks.  I say if it isn’t much, then let’s cut costs somewhere else to do these things if they really are our top priority items.  Please keep in mind with jobs leaving the oil sector, there may be fewer and fewer people here to cover the costs of your expenditures today – tomorrow.  That will make this all even more expensive than anticipated to those still here and paying the bills.

Proposition One: 1/4-cent economic development sales tax

Proposition Two: 4/10 of a cent operational sales tax

Here’s a sample ballot.  You decide for yourself.  I will be voting NO on both:

City of Bartlesville Sample Ballot - Oct 13th

Here is what the City of Bartlesville says about why you should give them more money and how they say it will be spent, but much of that is not on the ballot and only time will tell if that is where it really goes if passed.  Some have asked for a report card on the money spent and success rate on economic development over time.

Update 10/14/15:  Both propositions passed.  Here are the vote totals.

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Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Looking Up — Lunar Eclipse over Dallas by Mike Mezeul

Looking Up by Mike Mezeul II

Dallas 9/28/15: After spending 5 hours on a rooftop with an incredible view of Dallas, I was able to create this composite image showing the moons transition from full moon, to full lunar eclipse, and back. Each moon image was shot approximately 10 minutes apart to capture the entire transition. I hope you all enjoy! Please share! Prints available, link in image comments! Shot on a Nikon D810 #Nikon Photo via Mike Mezeul on Facebook

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Looking Up!

Save the Date for The Precinct Project with Porter Davis — Tuesday Oct 6th

Final The Precinct Project Plan Flyer

Flyer above to print and share / text version below to copy and paste for email sharing.

Our team has been praying for our city, state, and nation for several years now.  We believe that this message is on time and will be important for everyone to hear.  Porter Davis has posted his vision for this plan online and you can read about it here (downloadable book version).  We are excited to have him come to Bartlesville to talk about it in person and answer questions.  He will share about how we can take back our cities for life and for liberty.  I believe that in the days ahead “pockets of land will be protected”.  I believe this message will help us to be a part of that network of believers working together, helping our neighbors, and walking in His Way.  Come and see if you agree~

The Precinct Project Plan — for politics and for survival in tough times!

Speaker: Porter Davis (former Oklahoma State Rep)

When: Tuesday, October 6th 6P-8P

Where: Luigi’s Restaurant – Backroom
(generally expected that you will order something for use of private room)
3822 E Frank Phillips Blvd Bartlesville OK (near Goodwill)

RSVP to 918.440.6876 (leave name and number attending as a msg)

Facebook Event for RSVP here

Everyone is invited so come and bring a friend!

Brought to you by the Washington County Grassroots Prayer Team

For more information see Precinct Leader Project

Precinct Maps are available online here for Oklahoma

FGST - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Finding Gems & Sharing Them


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