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June 11, 2014


Thanks so much for including me in this group among so many wonderful activists and liberty lovers!  Thanks also to Mary Ruth Tapp for the nomination to be honored and have a chance to update my story — a work in progress for sure.  My favorite recent picture of myself is in fact wearing Kenny Bob Tapp’s hat and was taken very recently on one of their visits in my home in Bartlesville.  I am sure we were on a mission somewhere together.  I am not going to show you the one of me feeding the goats at their place!

Sandra Crosnoe with KBT hat

Sandra Crosnoe with Kenny Bob Tapp’s hat (2013)

As most of you know I began my political efforts in Texas.  I have been involved for almost 50 years now, but you must know I started very young.   That is where I met Dr. Ron Paul when he was first running for Congress.  So he was an early mentor and an important figure in my life and throughout my life.  However, the most important relationship of my life is serving my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.  I know that some in this group share that experience and some do not, but I mention it because if you see anything good and honorable, it is a reflection of Him and his remarkable redemptive work at the cross.  The rotten stuff is all mine and yes I am a work in progress!  My personal prayer is to do things in the political arena in such a way that even my enemies are treated fairly and graciously along the way — never giving ground, but never falsely accusing either.  The hope is that they would see something different enough in me/us to want to know why.

r3newaSo, in recent years, especially since 2008, I have been working in Oklahoma at a grassroots level to find and network the people who could/would make a difference.  In the early years it seemed to be forging new ground, but little by little we found one another and began to have an understanding of who was where and who we might be able to count on at crunch time.  We have blossomed into a veritable beehive of activity all over the state, and many in our midst are now rising up to run for office, run campaigns, and do all the things that will eventually make a huge difference in our communities.  One of the problems that we have is our diversity of ideas and principles.  It is also one of our greatest assets by the way!

My calling is as a watchman on the wall, I could give you the biblical version of that in scripture.  But in the political arena, a watchman can only see as far as his frame of reference or network permits.  However, if a watchman is properly connected to other watchmen, then they will tell each other what needs to be known in a timely fashion.  The problem is that we live in an information overloaded society.  Many cannot hear the truth because there is so much noise.  So what I have tried to do is create a network of information from trusted sources to share with friends and connections that filters out some of the noise and at the same time adds my version of what is really important to the mix.  It is a bit like an alternative media network.  It remains to be seen if it will survive the test of time and be a valuable resource to the efforts of many.  I hope so! (website links are below)

Additional tidbits about me are that I love cats.  I currently have one blue-eyed siamese looking lady named Ivory.  I also love music, especially jazz and classical and pop rock.  I love to travel and have done so extensively over the years.  Most of my family lives in the DC area so I had a place to stay in years past when lobbying on the hill.  I always wanted to take teams of people up there and teach them how to change DC.  Now I am putting those same skills to work in OKC.  The travel budget is a lot less expensive but the same problems are there as well.

I am currently doing more publishing and writing and less traveling (see my scribd docs for more on that effort).  I advise on some campaigns (links below) as time permits and in varying ways.  I look forward to connecting with you on your project as we continue promoting people of principle for life and for liberty in Oklahoma.

Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

II Corinthians 3:17

My online bio is here >>> 

Liberty Bell Documentary see youtube video here >>>

Websites to visit for more information:

My personal blog – Finding Gems & Sharing ThemFGST - Finding Gems & Sharing Them
Constitutional Liberty Coalition
Scrosnoe on twitter
Scribd Documents/Books

Campaigns (2014):

Kenny Bob Tapp

Randy Barnett

Dax Ewbank

Randy Brogdon


For Life and Liberty,




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