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I was about to load my new Kindle with the Bibie and some books and wanted to set up the store first.  Special thanks to my sister and her family for my most wonderful Christmas present 2008, a Kindle.  After I loaded this page, I clicked over to my store and ordered the Bible (KJV – my favorite) for $3.48 online.  Then I reached over and turned on my Kindle and it was there already.  What a delight!  Click on the link above to go directly to Amazon and order anything you want and help this blog at the same time.

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The link below is if you need to order constitutions to hand out and I encourage you to do so, but receive no benefit from them for recommending them to you.  Please let me know if you find a better place to order them from and I will share the link or you can provide the link in a comment for everyone to see.

Pocket constitutions available to order online.


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