There is no political solution – so Pray then Vote!

Every political cycle this gets harder and harder to write. We as a nation have fallen so far! While I do not believe there is a political solution, I am quite sure we are to pray for our leaders and certainly that would include doing all we can to protect both the election process and our communities. That said here are my thoughts on the election set for November 8, 2022.

The choices on the ballot are dismal, most of the bad decisions were made in the primary selections. There was a lot of dark money floating around and a lot of deception by the media. So what we are left with in general is the R’s vs the D’s. I am libertarian leaning in philosophy but I searched high and low for a libertarian on the ballot that was even kinda sorta pro-life and opposed to sexual perversion. I found none.

Therefore, I will be voting for the R’s because their platform has some fiscal conservative planks, some moral values, some sense of border control, a leaning to free speech and at least here in Oklahoma a strong right to bear arms stance. Even the worst ones can be reminded of the standard to which they have conceptually agreed.

The judicial retention items on the ballot are a little tougher to discern, but often you have to look no further than who appointed them to determine how they legislate. And yes I meant to use that word! For more in-depth analysis, I recommend where Jamison Faught discusses each one and links to some other opinions as well.

Here are my picks on the judges:

So pray then vote:

Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them


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