Congressional District 1 – Candidate Debate at OKWU on September 18th

Candidate Debate


Tuesday September 18, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Location: Lyon Chapel and Fine Arts Center

OKWU is pleased to be chosen as the site for the first and perhaps exclusive debate between Jim Bridenstine and John Olson. University President, Dr. Everett Piper, will serve as host and moderator. Panelists will include Charlie Taraboletti of KWON radio and Pat Campbell of KFAQ. Questions will be taken from students and others in attendance.

Olson and Bridenstine are the Democrat and Republican candidates running for the OK District 1 House of Representatives.

John Olson is a husband and father to six children, a former U.S. Army Drill Sargeant, attorney, Afghan war veteran and small-business owner.

Jim Bridenstine is a husband and father to three children, Lieutenant Commander & pilot is U.S. Navy Reserve, has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and former Exec Director Tulsa Air Museum.

Both men will discuss and debate the important issues for our country today. The Bartlesville community is encouraged to attend and participate.

There will be a reception with Matt Pinnell following the debate for Republicans and friends of Jim Bridenstine:

Oklahoma Wesleyan University College Republicans

 Cordially invite you to join us at a complimentary reception with

Matt Pinnell

Oklahoma Republican Party – Chairman

Immediately following the Bridenstine v. Olsen Debate

When: September 18, 2012

Time: 7:15p.m.

Where: OKWU Chapel Foyer 

Light Refreshments Provided


Special thanks to Connor Whitham
OKWU College Republicans – Chair

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them



2 Responses to “Congressional District 1 – Candidate Debate at OKWU on September 18th”

  1. Sandra Crosnoe Says:

    A question that Joshua Lock submitted for the debate remains unanswered:

    “Question I submitted via text in the debate. Apparently it didn’t meet their seven word quota. Literally, the only questions they posted from the audience were on a third grade level:

    The biggest national security threat this country faces is the legitimacy of the dollar–something that neither party seems to take seriously given their actions. For the “left,” the pets are top down control and planning, social welfare programs, and a “safety net” that all too often becomes a steel cage. For the “right,” the pets worthy of deficits are ensuring that everyone’s pants are al-qaeda free, global occupation to maintain the empire, and enough firepower to extinguish the planet ten times over.

    With a monetary system that is inherently fraudulent and Bernanke’s incessant delusion that debasing the currency stimulates an economy; deciding–even this past week–to initiate QE in perpetuity, congress puts the Fed in a position to do what it has already done the last 99 years: destroy the dollar, just at an even quicker pace.

    This is the big lie. Will either of you do something about the deficit immediately; if you won’t, will either of you at least be honest enough to tell the American people they’re paying for the global empire and the welfare state not through higher taxes, but with higher prices at the pump, the grocery store, and every other commodity on the planet due to currency debasement outlined above?”

    You can email Joshua your thoughts on matters here: Joshua Lock’s email: joshua.lock[at]me[dot]com

    I would like for Joshua to run for a Republican Party County Office in 2013 — encourage him to do so if you agree with me!

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