The Prosperity Gospel As A Lie

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Jim Bakker Renounces The Prosperity Gospel As A Lie

Tic Toc Ministries Storms The Gates Of Hell! The adventure begins as God identifies the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and the false gospel that it has propelled all over the earth, as our Jericho. This stronghold is overcome by the word of God and by the powerful testimony of one of the forefathers of Christian media — and of the prosperity gospel — Jim Bakker

Let the redeemed of the Lord say so.

3 Responses to “The Prosperity Gospel As A Lie”

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  2. Acidri Says:

    I always seem to come back to your blog. Thanks for clips. Hey you may find The sparrows guide to prosperity gospel probably very interesting too.

  3. Acidri Says:

    What ever happened to the Gospel? The church seems to have gone in all the world and has lost its Commission. Will the Son of Man find Faith on the Earth when He returns? No He will find Gospel-Lite.(The Golden Calf)

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