Paul Ryan Gets Primaried by Paul Nehlen in Wisconsin Race

Paul Ryan heritage scoreHouse Speaker Paul Ryan’s Wisconsin primary opponent Paul Nehlen said of Ryan on Saturday, “He has betrayed us all, hasn’t he? He says he’s for a secure border. Then what’s he do? He funds every dangerous immigration policy through this $1.8 trillion omnibus. What he funded was all his special interest buddies.”

Nehlen’s comments came during an exclusive interview Saturday with Breitbart News Saturday SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon. Nehlen pointed out again that 83 percent of Ryan’s camapign donations come from D.C., not his home district: “The vast majority comes in the form of large campaign donations from inside the D.C. Beltway. … He sold his vote. He sold his vote. The same people that are donating to his campaign want these open border initiatives. This isn’t a Free Trade deal.”

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Sarah Palin on topic of Paul Ryan vs Paul Nehlen recently on CNN

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Town Hall Meeting Video – Republican Party Update from David Weston – July 9th

(approx 45 mins unedited)


Dave Weston – Chairman Oklahoma Republican Party

Tuesday July 9th at 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Bartlesville Public Library – 2nd floor meeting room


All are welcome to come and meet Dave and get

an update on what is happening within the Republican Party.



For more info contact

Grace Farmer – Chairman

Washington County Republican Party


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Oklahoma Earthquake — Felt Earth Move and Saw Ceiling Shake

Twitter I just released and the reports are coming in now around 11p on 11-5-11:

scrosnoe   Felt tremor in Bartlesville apparently 5.2 with epicenter in Sparks Oklahoma, ceiling shook felt earth move but no power loss all still now
SvrWxChaser   #BREAKING: USGS Confirms a 5.2 #earthquake struck near Oklahoma City, OK. MORE INFO: Lasted 90 seconds in Tulsa.
TPierce (via email) Was setting at my computer at 10:54 when the desk started to shake and the monitor began to “walk” of the edge. My first thought was a plane low  enough to cause that much vibration,and I was expecting the house to be hit. Not until after did I realiize what had happened. It is a terrifying expreience when the you dont know what it is.
Here is the report of recent seismic activity in the Oklahoma area via; you can sign up on the website to receive customized reports of interest to you in your area.

Earthquake List for Map Centered at 37°N, 95°W

Update time = Sun Nov 6 5:00:01 UTC 2011

Here are the earthquakes in the Map Centered at 37°N, 95°W area, most recent at the top.
(Some early events may be obscured by later ones.)
Click on the underlined portion of an earthquake record in the list below for more information.

y/m/d h:m:s
MAP 5.6 2011/11/06 03:53:10 35.599 -96.752 5.0 6 km ( 4 mi) E of Sparks, OK
MAP 3.6 2011/11/05 14:36:30 35.584 -96.789 4.9 4 km ( 2 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP 3.4 2011/11/05 13:42:26 35.530 -96.766 5.0 9 km ( 5 mi) NW of Prague, OK
MAP 3.3 2011/11/05 11:24:15 35.521 -96.778 5.0 9 km ( 6 mi) WNW of Prague, OK
MAP 3.3 2011/11/05 09:12:11 35.591 -96.788 4.9 4 km ( 2 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP 2.7 2011/11/05 07:50:42 35.559 -96.762 4.8 8 km ( 5 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP 2.7 2011/11/05 07:44:34 35.488 -96.755 5.0 6 km ( 4 mi) W of Prague, OK
MAP 3.4 2011/11/05 07:27:20 35.566 -96.698 5.0 9 km ( 6 mi) N of Prague, OK
MAP 4.7 2011/11/05 07:12:45 35.553 -96.748 4.0 9 km ( 6 mi) SE of Sparks, OK
MAP 2.2 2011/11/04 21:07:51 35.360 -92.270 6.2 5 km ( 3 mi) WSW of Quitman, AR
MAP 1.9 2011/11/04 19:21:27 35.359 -92.268 5.0 5 km ( 3 mi) WSW of Quitman, AR
MAP 2.4 2011/11/04 19:17:17 35.357 -92.261 5.9 5 km ( 3 mi) SW of Quitman, AR
MAP 2.0 2011/11/04 18:49:19 35.355 -92.262 5.5 5 km ( 3 mi) SW of Quitman, AR
MAP 2.1 2011/11/01 03:18:22 35.356 -92.271 6.0 6 km ( 3 mi) WSW of Quitman, AR
MAP 2.4 2011/11/01 02:53:05 35.355 -92.269 5.9 5 km ( 3 mi) WSW of Quitman, AR

Anyone feel like a little Carole King Music?

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Divide and Conquer Obama Style – “Catholic Plan”

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

I am not a Catholic, but I have some friends who are.  I especially appreciate the strong principled pro-life stance of the Catholic church through the years.  We can certainly agree that man is not God and neither is the state!

I think you will find this video to be of interest and suggest you particularly ponder the Divide and Conquer tactic in play.  Muse about where all you see that tactic in play to attempt to keep principled people out of leadership positions . . .

An episode of the Vortex from Our daily commentary on politics, religion and the Church.  For more information and to see many more videos, visit RealCatholicTV!

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Special thanks to the Hamelman’s in Texas for sending me the link to the video – I miss you guys!  Blessings/sc

Glory Come Down at Christ for the Nations

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

If you have never worshiped the Lord in the Spirit by yourself you are missing a great blessing; if you have never been amidst many worshiping together in the Spirit you have missed a taste of heaven on earth indeed.  May you delight in Him and worship Him in Spirit and Truth.  I didn’t want this video to stop  . . .

worship at Christ for the Nations

from November 21, 2007

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