Women on the Wall Communication Team Conference Call on ‘School Choice’ and ‘Funding’ of Same

Alice Linahan Profile PicWomen On The Wall Communication Team Conference Call Wednesday! 8:30 pm CST 9:30 pm EST Register to join us at www.WomenOnTheWall.org

Click here to listen>>>Soundcloud.com/alice-linahan/women-on-the-wall-conference-call-homeschoolers-speak-out-no-more-government-programs

Presidential Politics S. 306 and WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) with Special Guests:
Homeschool Mom of six Karen Braun from Detroit, Michigan and Oklahoma education activist and mom Linda Murphy.

As Homeschool Moms and activists we dissect Ted Cruz’s Homeschool Coalition Co-Chair Will Estrada’s Breitbart article.  Now is the time to debate and get answers.

Here is a link to Karen Braun’s Breitbart article

Linda Murphy’s article- Oklahoma Governor Fallin, Senator Cruz and their education “reform”

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