If The World Could Vote? – Can this be true . . .

What would happen if the world could vote a for the U.S President. After all he is the most powerful man on earth, and his actions influence the whole world!

Can this be true – I think not . . .

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Reasons To Vote For John McCain!

Ron Paul supporters should be voting for McCain…here’s why!
Don’t just read the title – watch the video/sc

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Crunch Time in Oklahoma – Vote Tuesday, July 29th!

R3PUBLICANS Encourage You to Get Out and 
Vote in the Primary Election Tuesday,  July 29th!  
Multiply your vote by adding relevant information to this document then pass it on to your friends and neighbors.  
Add information about your local races and share the information via email or by phone or over the back fence.     
[Editor’s note – post contains candidate information and links statewide]/sc

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