Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny

Video with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano recorded at the Mises Circle in Costa Mesa, California, 8 November 2014. This seminar examined the institutions of a stateless society and explored topics such as private defense, private police, privately produced money, the role of markets, and how stateless legal systems would work. This particular video in the series is about 22 minutes long and has over 47k viewers at time of posting.

Video shows Judge Napolitano at his best on natural rights. He stresses that you cannot take away natural rights with legislation even if you try because they do not come from government at all. He gives an interesting brief history lesson and then apples the concept to where we are today. He ends with a huge challenge to this generation and the next in a powerful prediction. Please take time to watch this. I promise you will be glad you did. Even if you already know these things, it will help you articulate the ideas to others and we all must do that!

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Town Hall Meeting Video – Republican Party Update from David Weston – July 9th

(approx 45 mins unedited)


Dave Weston – Chairman Oklahoma Republican Party

Tuesday July 9th at 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Bartlesville Public Library – 2nd floor meeting room


All are welcome to come and meet Dave and get

an update on what is happening within the Republican Party.



For more info contact

Grace Farmer – Chairman

Washington County Republican Party


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Just for Fun – Thanks Bumble and Pingu and Keane!

The missing Hopes & Fears video they never knew they had!

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