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[Editor’s note: Archived shows are available and links will be posted soon here, but until then you can find the show archives by dates. Archives (links will be provided soon):

  • CLC 07/07/09 on Grassroots Teaparties and Cap & Trade Issue (guests include CLC member Joan Fabioano of Lansing Michigan and others)
  • CLC 07/01/09 on Grassroots (guest Kaye Beach)
  • CLC 06/23/09 on$135 Billion Treasury Bond Seizure, Liberty Rider Reaches Oklahoma (guest Michael Maresco)
  • CLC 06/16/09 on Ducks. Thanks for tuning in and joining us on the call and sharing with friends!

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ps Michael Maresco checked in after the call and will try to join us next week – he is currently in Arizona and has other riders with him at present. He has a car traveling with the riders with plenty of water for crossing the desert in the heat. Thanks for caring and for the support for our LibertyRiders!]

clcradioiconJoin Shelli Dawdy and I on Blog Talk Radio this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly as we hear more details about some of the Independence Day Tea Parties that occurred across the country.

CLC member Joan Fabiano of Lansing, MI, will join us to talk about her event at the State Capitol.

This round of Tea Parties didn’t receive the same media focus or buzz that was seen in April. Also, the events occurred on a holiday weekend. Further, there wasn’t a central entity online as also was the case in April. Did any of these phenomenon suppress turn out?

Also, we will get up to date on the status of H.R. 2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill.  When will the Senate vote on this soon? What’s in those 1400+ pages?

Finally, we hope that Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will have a minute to give us an update on his whereabouts.

Have a Tea Party “tale” to share or thoughts on Cap & Trade?

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