A Day that Will Live in My Memory Forever — April 19, 1993


We Shall Never Forget — wreath placed at the site of the Waco Massacre shortly after the siege

What Happened in Waco, Texas?

Cards sent out in Texas a year later (1994)



What happened in Waco Texas ?

It was an attack.
It was an attack by the United States of America on over 100 men, women, and children.
It was an assault on the Constitution of the United States of America.
It was just another example of an abusive tyrannical govern ment. It was about being found guilty
before the presumption of innocence.
It was a case of brutality.
It was an assault, not the serving of an arrest warrant.
It was brutal.
It was about death.
About unrestrained power.
Unaccountable power.
Unchecked power.
What the federal government did to those people was brutal.
It was brutal.
Without apology.
With malice – without regret.
It was about a cover-up.
It was about bulldozing the evidence.
About changing the story – the party line.
The “official” party line.
It was about controlling the media.
It was about dominating the media.
It was about censorship.
It was about isolation.
Mind games.
Psychological warfare.
It was about the desperation of the children inside.
It was about a government claiming to care about the children, then instigating their death.
What happened was the United States Government gassing little children – little children who were
innocent children.
It was about government ego.
An agency with an attitude.
A Bad attitude.
It was about two agencies with an attitude.
It was brutal.
Unmitigated violence.
It was about a government attacking its own citizens – then justifying that attack by character
By justification.
It was about dropping the protection of our beloved Constitu tion. It was about TV.
And how some hot-dog agency wanted TV coverage so bad, it killed. It was about showing their
need of existence to Congress.
It was about the annual budget battle.
It was a lack of leadership.
It was all about government dislike of those who are different.
It was about death; and the love of death.
Power, and the love of power.
It required a content people.

David Rucker, Associated Conservatives of Texas (1994)

I was in Texas at the time, went to the site of the siege many times.  I took the wreath to the site after the massacre and had it placed on the fence with the upside down flag indicating a nation in distress.  I saw the police state in action and drove up to the barricades and protested the federal intrusion into the matter many times sadly to no avail.  We Shall Never Forget…

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Local Voter Guides 101 — Video Instructions via Brian Crumby and CCMC

Brian Crumby Videos

Brian Crumby with Conservative Coalition of Montgomery County in Texas

These videos will tell you how to put together a voter guide for your county and give you some thoughts on ways to make the process simple and effective.  Of course the voting window from filing deadline to election is fixed and the work must be accomplished inside that window to be most effective.  More people are early voting these days so the guide should be timed to be out ahead of early voting.  Special thanks to my good friend in Texas, Brian Crumby for this video series and a special thanks for all his hard work over many years standing for life and for liberty and for a lot less government too! (Note: CCMC = Conservative Coalition Montgomery County)

How to put together a conservative local voter guide – Part 1

How to put together a conservative local voter guide (more on the panel) – Part 2

How to put together a conservative local voter guide (sample documents) – Part3

More information about Brian Crumby’s efforts in Montgomery County here >>>

CCMC2010voterguide (pdf format sample from 2010)

Conservativecoalitionmc.org/voterguide.pdf (pdf sample from 2014)

Comparison of voter guides in South Texas via google docs0

Candidate QandA in MC County races via google docs1

Contact Brian Crumby via email brian [at] crumby [dot] org 

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A Man of God — A Tribute and a Testimony to Brother Frid


This book is very personal to me and my family.  My folks met the Lord with Jesse and a few other people many years ago in the 1960’s.  Our families visited together through the years and they taught us about their encounter with Jesus, their study of the bible and encouraged us to seek Him too.  I remember bible studies in various homes specifically for the children.  Many of the children met Jesus along the way and were baptized in the Holy Spirit as well.  They now have their own stories to tell and most their own families.  Special thanks to Jesse and my parents for pointing the Way and for bible teachers like Brother Frid, and Pastor Hong Sit and Derek Prince who gave us a firm foundation for life’s ups and downs.  A few years down the road, my dad became a bible teacher and I have a few of his studies on tape.  Jesse, retired now, has been writing and I am glad for the opportunity to share some of his work.  I pray it will be a blessing to many and that we will leave a clear path for those that follow us.

Thanks Jesse for putting this part of the story in print!


The Man of God - Brother Frid

The Preface to A Man of God by Jesse C. Jones

This is a story about a man, a place, and a time when the lives of many people were touched by a power they did not know existed, nor did they know that this power was available to them.  The man that God used to demonstrate this power was unassuming and  totally devoid of the pride of life that plagues most men, and has led an untold number into exaggerated self-esteem and conceit.  He appeared in this appointed place without fanfare, and he came into our lives as a result of an event that he had no part in, and, as far as I know was not even aware of.  That he had been prepared for this place and time seems to be without question, for things happened rapidly after he began to be used by God in the ministry to which he had been called.

Looking back on this time, some fifty years ago, makes me think about how a large storm moves through a place and changes everything, and then is gone.  Like many of the changes brought about by the storm, the changes wrought in the lives touched by God through this man have not gone away, for they were changes to men’s hearts, and all the issues of life come from the heart (Pr. 4:23).  I know first-hand about the changes in the lives of my family: this is something we will consider later in the book.  But to tell this story in any meaningful way I need to describe the effect of this man’s ministry on other’s lives.  There were many people touched by this outpouring of God’s grace and I am personally acquainted with only a few: many have gone on to their eternal reward.  I wish I had more detail on the life of the principal character, but he and his wife have long since departed, and after fifty years there are relatively few knowledgeable sources still around.  Nevertheless, I have used the contacts I could identify.  I pray that readers will be touched by this story as I have been through the power of God manifested in this man’s life.

Jesse C. Jones

Chapters in this book:

The Preparation

The Man of God Appears

The Scattering

The Aftermath

The Witnesses


Other Books Available by Jesse C. Jones

After the “Big Bang”

A Layman’s Commentary on the Revelation of Jesus Christ

A Man of God

Dialogue With an Atheist

Has God Divorced America?

The Mystery of God

The Spiritual Life

Note:  All of the above e-books are available online.  

They are free to download & share via SCrosnoe on Scribd

The Path to Holiness  – (paperback) available for purchase here

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Texas Straw Poll Event Set for Oct 24th in Montgomery County

Straw Poll Texas Event Oct 24th

October 24, 2013

Statewide Candidate’s Forum and Straw Poll

Grace Community Church

24400 North Interstate Highway 45

Spring, Texas

6:30-9:30 PM

Invitation from Debra Medina, candidate for Texas State Comptroller

The Montgomery County Republican Party together with the Montgomery County Tea Party are sponsoring a state wide candidate debate. Thursday night’s event will include the candidates for Governor, Railroad Commissioner, Attorney General, and Comptroller. A straw poll will be conducted. Tickets available at the door for $10. Doors open at 5:00.

If you live in or around Spring, I hope we’ll see you Thursday evening. In any case, I hope you’ll share this invitation with friends and family who are in the area. Your support is much needed and appreciated.

I’ll work hard to earn your vote in Thursday night’s straw poll and again in the March 2014 Republican primary.

For Freedom!

Debra Medina for

Texas State Comptroller

Debra Medina on Twitter

Debra Medina on Facebook

Medina for Texas – support/donate

Straw Poll Texas Event Oct 24thFor more information from Montgomery County Republican Party & Montgomery County Tea Party 

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After the ‘Big Bang’ – Free on Scribd Now! — Examining Biblical Truths and Answering Difficult Questions

aa cover - Butterfly - Book Cover 500x

After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones | Scribd Collection

Editor’s Note:

This book was originally published on Scribd as individual chapters. It has now been consolidated into a single book format available to read and download free online.

After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones.

About the Author: Jesse C. Jones retired from his position as Manager of the NASA White Sands Test Facility in December 1981, after spending 29 years as an Aerospace Engineer. After retirement He accepted a position as Instructor in the Mechanical Engineering Department, Texas Tech University (TTU), Lubbock, Texas, where he taught senior mechanical design courses and performed research. While at TTU Mr. Jones co-authored two textbooks, one of which was widely used as a senior mechanical design course textbook. Since his retirement from TTU Mr. Jones spends his time teaching Bible classes and studying and writing articles and books on biblical subjects.
[Note: This document is being uploaded for Jesse C. Jones upon his request. It is being made available here with his permission. It is uploaded and shared with love and respect for a dear personal friend and a fellow laborer in the vineyard./sc]
Collection of all chapters with summaries available on Scribd (link above) — read, download and share:
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones – Cover Art and Credits (3 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Preface (4 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Table of Contents (2 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 1 The Creation Story (32 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 2 Created in God’s Image (16 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 3 The Fall (17 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 4 Spirit, Soul and Body (37 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 5 Life is in the Blood (22 paages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 6 Hope & Miraculous Three-Pound Computer (13 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 7 The Trials of Job (14 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 8 God’s Gift of Faith (18 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Chapter 9 Evil – Good or Bad? (26 pages)
After the “Big Bang” by Jesse C. Jones — Addendum with What to do if you have Questions, List of Figures, and Permission to Reprint (2 pages)

A personal note from Jesse and the graphic now included with the book (reprinted with permisson):

After considerable research I have finally obtained permission to use Figure 1, pg. 24, which depicts  the South American butterfly, Morpho rhetenor, (“In the beginning was information” and Scientific American, Vol. 245, Nov. 1981).  Sandra Crosnoe has suggested that I may be seeing the significance of this photo through engineer’s eyes, and I must confess there may be some truth in that observation.  However, from the time I first saw this unbelievable microstructure I was struck by the fact that no objective observer should fail to recognize that someone beyond the realm of man and nature created this wonderful masterpiece.  I hope readers of this writing will see what I saw.

Jesse asks those that read this book forward any questions and/or comments to him via email:  jessecjones [@] sbcglobal [dot] net  

He will be glad to respond personally to those with questions that state they have made a contribution to the

South Plains Food Bank (SPFB), 4612 Locust Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79404, Phone No. 806-763-3003.

Cover Art:
After the Big Bang’s Cover Art was a very special gift from Rex & Carleen Morache
Visit their Website: www.mark4.org
Special thanks to Hanunyah Fish for use of the butterfly photo. Hanunyah was 13 years old when this photo was taken (in 2012). She believes it to be a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. You may be interested to know that her name means ‘the Lord is Gracious’. She and her family live near Peggs, Oklahoma on Liberty Ranch.

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[Personal note:  It has been such an honor to be a part of this project to make Jesse’s work available on Scribd for all to read and share and enjoy.  I know that his work will bless you and hopefully guide many to our Lord and into eternity.  It will give you both biblical truth and a scientific perspective. Please drop him a note and a testimony and in respect for his time if you have questions for him make a donation to the food bank as he has asked.  I love the fact that the other book he has written also helps the food bank in his local community.  He is a role model to all.  Thanks for taking time to love and mentor me through the years.  You are a blessing indeed!]

A Path to Holiness reviewed on Finding Gems & Sharing Them here >>>



For additional Christian books and resources Jesse and I recommend the following ministries to you:

Derek Prince Ministries

Living Stream Ministry (Watchman Nee and Witness Lee)

Chuck Baldwin Live

Chuck Missler (Koinonia House Ministries)

Rhonda Ratliff Steps into Heaven — We will Miss Her Dearly!

Rhonda Ratliff steps into heaven January 2012

Our loss is truly heaven’s gain!  I know she is dancing for joy now and free from pain.

Rhonda was a best friend and a most faithful prayer partner for many many years.  I guess we met as a result of Susan and Richard White who sent her my way for financial consultation back in the 1990’s although I am not sure of the year and we may actually have first met at the bible study in their home years ago.

Anyway, she did an amazing job of getting her financial affairs in order through some very difficult circumstances and with much prayer and wise actions was able to turn things around and bless many in the process.  She lived a life of ministry seeking first the kingdom of heaven and I am very sure there was much rejoicing there upon her recent arrival.  I knew she was instantly in the presence of the Lord and free free free.  While I mourn with her family on her passing, I am just a bit jealous that she beat me there.  I look forward to our reunion in eternity and encourage any reading this and knowing of her time with us to smile and remember how she blessed each one of us the best way that she knew to do so.

I remember her decision to go work with Joyce Meyer’s Ministries and also her decision to return to the Dallas area.  Each decision carefully turned over to the Lord and time spent actively seeking His guidance in all matters.  She loved her family dearly and cared for her dad through difficult times and his relatively recent passing.

She has supported each one of her friends and many she did not know personally in prayer.  Many of us received almost daily devotionals from her and it was always a good reminder to me about putting first things first.  When my mom was bedridden, Rhonda would come over and help me with her and just be with us when we both really needed a friend.  She was and is the definition of a friend.  She was there when needed to encourage and do what she could about matters.  The ripples of her good works will go on for eternity and I look forward to seeing her again.

But the most precious thing above all is the knowledge of her deep and abiding love for the Lord.  What a sweet sweet spirit just to be with her!  With lots of love and warm memories of times spent together~


NOTE:  Rhonda’s memorial service will be this Monday at 3 PM in the Cindy Nichols Chapel at the First Baptist Church in Denton, Texas.   The church is on Malone street and the chapel is on the north side.  There will be a gathering after the service at the church.

What follows is a letter I received at my earthly father’s passing that applies to Rhonda as well so I share it with you now.  People who know the Lord, know where they are going but we only have glimpses of how glorious it will be.  Somehow Claire gave me a special glimpse with this letter and I hope it ministers to you in your time of need as well.

Preface:  This is just one of the special notes received when my earthly father, Ted Franklin Crosnoe, passed on September 18, 1996.  It has ministered to me so often and so strongly that I share it with those experiencing the loss of a loved one.  Somehow Clare’s letter helps me catch a glimpse of the other side and look forward to the day we will see each other again.  I share it with you now in the hopes that it will bless you as it has me.  In loving memory of my dad and of your loved one also./sc

Our Lord’s Day, 22 September 1996

Dear Sandie,

Kevin Reed gave us the news that the Lord had delivered your father from “the

body of this death”, and taken him home to glory.  I am both glad and sorry to

hear of it.  Glad, of course, for your father, for “to die is gain”, and he can now

see God face to face and is delivered from the spiritual battles of this life.  I

grieve, though, for you and your mother.  It seems now like such a long time until

we shall see our departed loved ones again, though laid in the balance with

eternity I’m sure it must really appear miniscule. But since we are a body and

have need of each other, we feel it keenly when one member is absent, and I

know that you must miss your father greatly.

I hope the Lord will remain especially close to you during this time, that you might

be cheered by His presence.  I praise Him for your father’s holy life, and that He

gave your father grace to persevere to the end.  I was just reading over the

promises in Revelation 2-3, to “him that overcometh”, and they are so thrilling

and marvelous: your father will be given to eat of the tree of life, which is in the

paradise of God; will receive a crown of life; will not be hurt of the second death;

will be given the hidden manna and a white stone with a new name written; will

be clothed in white raiment, and Christ will confess his name before his Father

and his angels; will sit with Christ on his throne; and will be made a pillar in the

temple of God, and will go no more out.  Surely “eye hath not seen, nor ear

heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God hath

prepared for them that love him”!

Our prayers will be with you and your family.

Love in Christ,

Clare Cason

Van Alstyne, Texas

Requesting Prayer and Assistance for Firefighters in Texas and Surrounding States

My tweet just now so you can see the map:

Active Texas and surrounding area fires on map — requesting prayer for all people in danger for guidance from God IJN http://ow.ly/1wHMs3

Clic on map to visit actual map site and refine your search options there.

Here is the tweet that gives a number you can call to assist (firefighters please):

@DaleDudley ANYONE in Central Texas that has fire fighting experience is strongly encouraged to call 512-978-1187. Please RT

Here is the facebook post that brought all this to my attention today:

REPOST: ATTENTION TEXAS AND SURROUNDING AREAS. WE NEED FIREMEN!!!! Begging for retired and any fireman to call number to help. We were short 25 fireman last night. Cannot contain town of Bastrop, 35 miles away. fire is 16 miles long, 6 miles wide, jumped Colorado river, evacuated entire town and also neighborhood called Steiner ranch of 5500* PLEASE EVERYONE REPOST EVEN IF NOT IN TEXAS SOME OF YOUR FRIENDS MAY BE. HELP!
Call 512-978-1187

Dear Heavenly Father,

We humbly beseech you to guide and direct your people to the place you would have them to be at the time you would have them to be there. We ask for mercy and guidance and direction from above. We ask forgiveness for our sins and eyes to see your path and ears to hear your voice on matters all — both great and small. Please send help to those in need. Please provide all that is needed for people to see your hand in the matter. We know that our times are in your hands and you rule and reign in the heavenlies. May it be so here on this planet in this time and space. Deliver us from darkness and help us in our time of need. We reach for you and call out your name which is above all names even now and as we go. Keep our feet firmly planted in your path in your will and in your way.

Please send rain where it is needed, when it is needed. Please heal our land as you heal our hearts as we turn to you in Jesus precious name we pray.


II Chronicles 7:14

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