Founding Fathers Knew Importance of Moral Values

Occasionally people wander into your life and change your life forever.  I have been blessed with some truly remarkable friends through the course of my life, today I want to introduce you to Shelli Dawdy.  If you follow this blog, you recently saw a post of a stop motion video by Tarah Dawdy a gifted budding young artist and photographer.  Her mom and I have become good friends as a result of the Lord really because we both have a calling inside the political arena serving the Lord and His people in the process to the best of our abilities.

Shelli and her family live in Nebraska where she leads a group called Grassroots in Nebraska and together we share projects and information via the Constitutional Liberty Coalition and R3publicans.  What some people may not know is that she not only organizes events, leads coalition efforts, writes and publishes online, but she homeschools her children.  Recently after reading a very misleading article in a local paper, she wrote a series of articles about some apparently widespread misconceptions about our founding fathers and moral relativism.  I believe you will find them educational and inspiring and sharable.  You definitely will come away knowing that moral values are inherent to a free society.  If we continue in moral decline, we will be enslaved.  On the other hand we could choose to follow the Lord because ‘where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.II Cor 3:17b

This is a series examining an article in the

Lincoln Journal Star on July 4 entitled

Whose side are the Founding Fathers on?

Just click one of the titles to read Shelli Dawdy’s response:

the first part:

The Founding? Move Along Folks, Nothing to See There. Onward Progress!

or second part:

“Efforts to Muddle History of the Founding Don’t Change Its Facts.”

or third part:

“Whose Side ARE the Founders On? Easy.”

additional follow-up to the series can be found here:

Ignorance is Bliss? No. Ignorance is Ignorance.

Slave to Revisionism

Thank you Shelli for a wonderful series and for all you do for life and liberty for all of us!



Originally published on Jul 11, 2010 @9:30

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