Reminder: Washington County Republican Convention – Saturday Feb 25th at 1PM

The Washington County Republican Convention will be held on Saturday, February 25, at the East side branch of Arvest Bank, 4225 SE Adams Rd Bartlesville, OK 74006.  Registration will begin at 12:30 PM and the convention will start at 1 PM.

All Republicans are welcome to attend, voting delegates will include only those who attended their precinct meeting OR called their precinct chairman within the allotted time IF the precinct was an open delegation.

At the meeting, be sure to sign the list for the state convention and the district convention if you are interested in attending as a delegate.  Also let the chairman know if you are interested in serving on a committee.


More key dates and additional information below and here >>>

Presidential Preferential Primary Election

Tue, March 6, 7am – 7pm
Individual Voting Places by precinct (map)
VOTE!!!! VOTE!!!! VOTE!!!! VOTE!!!!

Candidate Filing – April 11-13

1st Congressional District Convention
Sat, April 14, 2012, 9am – 4pm

UPDATE via OKGOP WEBSITE: 1st District: Saturday, April 14th, 8am-2pm (Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center – 6808 S. 107th E. Avenue, Tulsa) view map


Sun, April 15, 2012, 5pm – 5pm
State Election Board or County Election Boards (map)
DEADLINE TODAY at 5:00 PM – withdrawing from Primary Election or for filing a contest of candidacy
more details»  copy to my calendar

State Convention
May 11 – 12, 2012
Norman, OK (map)
more details»  copy to my calendar


I will look forward to seeing you there!

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe

Republican Party Precinct Chair #28

Washington County, Oklahoma

Republicans Restoring the Republic


Lovely Weather We Are Having — Practically Perfect for Meeting Neighbors!

Might I be so bold as to suggest that campaigns are not won on the internet? I am glad we have it because my mobility is challenged to say the least and it is a way for me to keep in touch and help out the only way that I can. But my greatest offerings to the movement have been some personal insight into the way the Republican party works and how campaigns are won. To that end in the last cycle, I published a strategic piece about us becoming the Republican party here if you want to read for background.

This cycle we are ahead in some ways and behind in others. We are still raising money and have a rather sophisticated internet presence. We are not significantly and effectively taking leadership roles in the Republican party and organizing our own precincts and counties for the long haul.  Yes I mean during and beyond a Republican administration. It takes consistent plodding focused efforts to be a precinct chair, organize block captains, make phone calls, and get out important timely information to people who will show up on election days and at precinct and caucus meetings.  Let’s get out there and meet our neighbors and build the Republican party with fiscal and social conservatives all blended together and working for limited Constitutional government with a grassroots orientation.

No the conservatives didn't win in Oklahoma in 2010, but we haven't given up either! Originally published by Shelli Dawdy on

So step by step here is the plan of action:

  1. Register to vote Republican
  2. Sign up for email with your county/state Republican party efforts
  3. Volunteer to help and find out your precinct chair
  4. Contact your precinct chair and ask if you can be a block captain (or volunteer to be a precinct chair if there is not one already)
  5. Get to know the people on your block and get phone numbers and emails of people who want to keep in touch/share information
  6. When you complete your block, then ask your precinct chair if he/she neesd help with another one nearby
  7. Expand your efforts until precinct/county/state is done and you have a network for keeping in touch with people who care about issues that matter
  8. Keep your network informed about important hearings and meetings
  9. Recruit candidates who share your values from your community (people with moral values and constitutional understanding that you know)
  10. Help elect said candidates to office and keep challenging them to reduce government

This is very simply how we win by returning to limited Constitutional government!  It is how we restore the Republic!

[PS This is also how you build your network to the point that your precinct/county friends will make you a delegate
because you built the party from the grassroots up with people of principle and you treated everyone fairly in the process]

Note:  As most of you know and in the spirit of full disclosure, I support Ron Paul for president.  I have published this recommendation on the Ron Paul Forums here with slightly different wording.  If he is not the parties nominee this cycle, it will not change this plan and in fact makes it all the more important.  We must do the work of the party in order to get to pick the leaders of the party and set the policy aright for the party.  We must support people who support truly limited government concepts and people who actually have moral values in order to get the job done.

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CLC gets grizzly tonight – Sotomayor hearings and Strikeday proposal

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them


Join Sandra Crosnoe and Shelli Dawdy on Blog Talk Radio this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly as we discuss the status of the Sotomayor hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee and consider a Strikeday proposal from Robert Drobot of San Jose.

Also, we will get a brief update on the status of H.R. 2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill. When will the Senate vote on this now?

Have a Tea Party “tale” to share or thoughts on Sotomayor confirmation?

Call us! 646-915-9997

Tuesday nights at 8PM EDT * 7PM CDT *6PM MDT * 5PM PDT

The CLC Gets Grizzly on Tuesdays!

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

[Editor’s note: Archived shows are available and links will be posted soon here, but until then you can find the show archives by dates. Archives (links will be provided soon):

  • CLC 07/07/09 on Grassroots Teaparties and Cap & Trade Issue (guests include CLC member Joan Fabioano of Lansing Michigan and others)
  • CLC 07/01/09 on Grassroots (guest Kaye Beach)
  • CLC 06/23/09 on$135 Billion Treasury Bond Seizure, Liberty Rider Reaches Oklahoma (guest Michael Maresco)
  • CLC 06/16/09 on Ducks. Thanks for tuning in and joining us on the call and sharing with friends!

Talk radio is only as good as citizen participation and that means YOU! Blessings/sc

ps Michael Maresco checked in after the call and will try to join us next week – he is currently in Arizona and has other riders with him at present. He has a car traveling with the riders with plenty of water for crossing the desert in the heat. Thanks for caring and for the support for our LibertyRiders!]

clcradioiconJoin Shelli Dawdy and I on Blog Talk Radio this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly as we hear more details about some of the Independence Day Tea Parties that occurred across the country.

CLC member Joan Fabiano of Lansing, MI, will join us to talk about her event at the State Capitol.

This round of Tea Parties didn’t receive the same media focus or buzz that was seen in April. Also, the events occurred on a holiday weekend. Further, there wasn’t a central entity online as also was the case in April. Did any of these phenomenon suppress turn out?

Also, we will get up to date on the status of H.R. 2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill.  When will the Senate vote on this soon? What’s in those 1400+ pages?

Finally, we hope that Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will have a minute to give us an update on his whereabouts.

Have a Tea Party “tale” to share or thoughts on Cap & Trade?

Call us! 646-915-9997

Tuesday nights at 8PM EDT * 7PM CDT *6PM MDT * 5PM PDT

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