OK-SAFE Vote Reminder! Six State Questions on the November 6, 2012 Ballot.

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OK-SAFE, Inc. – There is plenty of discussion, and disagreement, on the six state questions on tomorrow’s ballot.

It must be pointed out that none of the state questions originated with the people, via initiative petition (i.e. the Personhood Amendment initiative petition effort was squelched).

The questions that did make it to the ballot came via the legislature; this means they had the approval of party “leadership” and can indicate that politics played more of a role than principled leadership.

The questions deal with some challenging issues (property taxation, affirmative action, bonded indebtedness).

After many debates, and additional research, OK-SAFE still recommends a NO vote on 5 of the questions and YES vote (tentative) on 1 question.

5 No’s and 1 Yes (tentative)

The NO Votes are SQ 758, 759, 762, 764, and 766. The one YES vote, with reservations, is SQ 765.

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OK-SAFE: State Questions on Ballot November 6th — some vewy vewy twicky!

OK-SAFE:  State Questions on Ballot November 6th — some vewy vewy twicky!


These questions will be on the ballot November 6th and two of the items masquerade as a tax cut but are really a tax cut for certain folks which means that the rest of us folks will pick up the tab for people who already got us into this fine mess of overspending and indebtedness and now they are weaseling out and selling you a tax increase and laughing all the way to the bank — because you will have done it to yourself. A word to the wise — be very careful! Read carefully, ponder who is supporting and why, when in doubt VOTE NO! Blessings all/sc

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OK-SAFE, Inc. –

[NOTE: OK-SAFE’s printable State Question Voter Guide/Handout is available on the front page of the OK-SAFE website, (http://www.ok-safe.com).  Click here for the document entitled OK-SAFE Recommended Vote – PDF.]

There will be six state questions on Oklahoma’s crowded November 6, 2012 ballot.  Below is a list of the state questions, including the ballot title, the ballot language, and OK-SAFE’s recommended vote and assessment.

SQ 758 and SQ 766 deal with ad valorem (property) taxes.  Because both questions may be perceived as a tax reduction, there may be puzzlement about our recommendation of a NO vote on both questions.

The question before us was, does either question result in an actual tax cut, i.e. does the measure provide tax relief for everyone and effect reduced government spending? The answer was no.

Standing on this first principle, OK-SAFE could not support either question.  Transferring the tax burden from one…

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