Road to Tampa for RNC — We Have Arrived and “We Are the Future”

A room with a view (unlike the one we have in Tampa)

The road to Tampa went through Gulf Breeze this year where Julia Albath and I spent some heavy duty beach and pool time.  We had a blast amid luxury accommodations and ate some great sea food while there too.  Then we  picked up just a little too much sun and headed on into Tampa.  We arrived yesterday.  Last night I had dinner with Tiana Wallace and caught up on several years of adventures.  She is such a lovely young lady;  God is using her ministry and continuing to grow her in Him!

Then we spent today at the Ron Paul Rally “We Are the Future” at the Sun Dome.  It was a huge crowd — my estimate is somewhere around 10,000.  I had special seating with delegates and alternates and lots of amenities while we listed to Doug Wead, Jack Hunter (Southern Avenger), Lew Rockwell, Barry Goldwater Jr., Jordan Page, John Popper, Aimee Allen, Rand Paul, Carol Paul and last but not leastRon Paul himself.  It was a star studded cast with one new name on the list, Maine’s new National Committeewoman Ashley Ryan who I am sure we will see more of in the future.

We are picking up reports from people who worked with the committee process all week.   Amidst on again / off again announcements for the convention (creating confusion for all) the delegates are busy networking and getting ready to meet the rest of the week.

I’ll give you more of a report later in the week, but suffice it to say there are those who think the consultants for the RNC and the executive committee should make all the decisions and those like Morton Blackwell and the rest of us ‘grassroots’ types who don’t think that is such a good idea.  Of course if you aren’t going to follow the rules anyway, it makes very little difference what the rules say, but then most of us respect the rule of law and want to keep the rules and abide by the Constitution.  The Republican Party really needs to at least look like it is trying to represent the people — especially if we want our people to continue to contribute time and money.  At least that is the way I view matters and I’ve only been viewing matters since the Reagan years. More on the committee process here >>>

By the way, I’ll be wearing a pin this week that goes back to the Goldwater era which was a gift from my cousin Melinda this year when she knew I would be making this trip.  It once belonged to my Aunt Alta.

Tonight, we had a dinner at Whiskey Joe’s on the bay near our hotel with Ron Paul and Carol Paul and all of his delegates and alternates tonight.  It was very well attended and very crowded, but wonderful to be with everyone.  I got to visit with Carol briefly and convey my love for her and the entire family.  I had seen Robert Paul earlier and got to visit briefly also.  I gave up the photo op with Ron because the line was too long but he looked good and spoke brilliantly and certainly thrilled the crowd all day!

Many are covering this convention and our nation in prayer.  Many have been standing on principles for many years.  Please join them and let us ask God for His guidance in all that we do and say this week.  May we unite in standing for life and for liberty in our land!

More to come~

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Southern Avenger says Let ‘Freedom Watch’ Ring

dated August 19, 2010 – 5.33 mins and 6,591 views at time of posting

Judge Andrew Napolitano’s FOX Business program “Freedom Watch” is nothing short of revolutionary.  Southern Avenger says to let ‘Freedom Watch’ ring:

Denouncing libertarianism as not true conservatism is like saying The Rolling Stones somehow dethroned Elvis Presley. There’s no questioning that both acts sound very different-there’s also no questioning that both are rock n’ roll personified. The philosophies of libertarianism and conservatism are no doubt particular and distinct, as the loudest voices for each will eternally argue; but both brands have also been virtually inseparable in the history of American conservatism. Perhaps Ronald Reagan said it best in 1975: “I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism… The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.”

Read more here >>>

RINO Lindsey Graham votes with Democrats on Sotomayor

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Breaking news:

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to send the Sotomayor recomendation for Supreme Court to the full Senate for a vote.  Surprise, surprise instead of standing on principle and the facts of the case, Lindsey Graham votes with the Democrats in a 13 to 6 vote.  Does anyone really think that helps anyone?  Why do you think this occurs?  Can anyone say principle and backbone here?

Will Republicans publicly chastise him for this vote?  I just did.  He should not receive party support or endorsement of funding in any future election.  This should be the absolute proverbial nail in the coffin for a confirmed RINO (Republican in name only).  I am sending a pink slip in the form of this post, but everyone in South Carolina should send him one in the mail today.

If you need a copy of one to print see StubbornFacts post here.

Please pray for South Carolina to rise to the task of finding better leadership for their wonderful state.  My prayers are with them and I thank God for my online friend Southern Avenger SA@Takimag (@southernavenger on twitter) who I am sure will have something to say on this topic soon.

For Life and Liberty,


PS  It is not over on Sotomayor.  It goes to the full Senate now and everyone in on notice that a vote for Sotomayor will be a determining vote in grassroots support in 2010.  DRIPUSA is in progress.  More on this topic soon!

Our List of Confirmed RINOS based on Sotomayor vote is below and will be updated:
(I believe that all of these folks voted for the bailout also – will confirm and update – comments and links pertinent are welcomed!)

Collins – RINO from Maine
Graham – RINO from South Carolina
Lugar – RINO from Indiana
Martinez – RINO from Florida
Snowe – RINO from Maine

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