Run-off Election Surprise!

…………… Say NO and save $$$……….

Many people know that there is a run-off election for the sheriff’s race in Washington County on August 25th. But did you know for the city of Bartlesville there is also a bunch of bonded indebtedness on the ballot? Do you know how much money a handful of people will be deciding on? Well let’s take a look at the sample ballots and then talk about that.

Here’s a summary of ballot items in Washington County. If you want to pull your own sample ballot go to and type in your name and birthdate as prompted:

Sample ballot for the run-off in the sheriff’s race:

I recommend a vote for Scott Owen.

Sample ballot for the City of Bartlesville:

So that’s it folks hidden in plain sight on the run-off election day is bonded indebtedness of $16,400,000 (that is over 16 million dollars) and an extension of 1/2% sales tax to June 30, 2026. IF you said NO we could get a reduction in sales tax burden. If you said NO we could keep our property taxes more stable. But the thing that makes me the maddest is that a handful of people will decide this for everyone. This should have been on the general election voting day – NOT the primary run-off election day!

Well I am just one vote but I’ll be saying NO five times!

Sandra Crosnoe

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Photo credit: Graphic is from The Rat in the Hat available on Scribd to read/share/download


Primary Election 2008 is just around the corner

Select a candidate(s) to help and get involved today!  The Primary Election is scheduled for July 29th.  That is just a little over a month away.  

Here is a complete list of those who filed in Oklahoma: 


Washington County Candidates listed below: 


Rick Silver, R, Bartlesville 

Gary L. Miller, Bartlesville 

County Clerk 

(i) Marjorie Parrish, R, Bartlesville

Court Clerk 

(i) Martha Mersch, R, Bartlesville 

Dist. 2 Comm. 

(i) Linda D. Herndon, R, Dewey 

Ronnie Hatheway, R, Bartlesville 

Laura E. Hicks Higbee, R, Bartlesville 

Dale R. Lewis, 57, D, Bartlesville 

Wesley Hadsell, 49, R, Bartlesville 

County Treasurer 

Brad Johnson, R, Bartlesville 

Tim Jordan, D, Bartlesville 

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