Sitting in a tree and hacking at your roots . . .

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I marvel at some people in leadership of all kinds that in order to attempt to retain power engage themselves in destroying the very base they are sitting on.  It is a lot like sitting in a tree and hacking at your roots . . .

Why would anyone do that you must be asking?  Yes why indeed, and yet we see it all around us.

Consider some prime examples:

  • Bailout money being sent to the ones who created the mess in the first place to the destruction of the ones who send in the tax dollars.
  • Republican groups who want to pick and choose which Republicans can attend meetings and participate.  Not like Republicans won big lately.  Looks to me like all are needed and then some.
  • Corporate executives who take the money and run to the destruction of the company.

You add your bullet point by leaving a comment below!  I am sure I have only scratched the surface here . . .

Gotta run for now, but you can help me build this list by leaving a comment below and I’ll finish the post and add a graphic later.

To be continued with your input!



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