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Psalm 23 graphic

Jeff Majors sings Psalm 23

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Close your eyes, listen and be blessed.  I believe we must labor to enter into rest.  I also believe that peace is dynamic rather than static.  I am pondering these things and asking the Lord to show me more about how to hear Him clearly and walk in His Way all the days of my life~




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Names of God 

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Lion of Judah - Lamb of God- Jesus Christ

I AM.365 Names of God wmv

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Simply hearing this inundating experience in worship evokes acute

spiritual and emotional responses that release

new levels of power and light.

by: John Paul Jackson

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Spiritual Renewal and Rest in Him

Labor to enter into rest
          Wash yourself in the water of the Word
                   Renew your body, soul, and spirit in Him
Today as I took time to rest and ponder spiritual matters,  I once again became intensely aware of the need to take time out of our busy schedules and rest in Him.  Some really wonderful sites of potential refreshing are now links on this site.
Over the years I have been blessed to sit under the personal ministry of Derek Prince.  He opened the Word to me in a way that has been a blessing throughout my life.  He has gone to be with the Lord now, but his teaching is continuing to multiplying across the nations and through time to multiple generations.  If you fall in love with the Lord and the Word begins to unfold to you in a new way through his teaching you will be blessed indeed.
We have in our midst in Bartlesville a pastor who loves the Lord and His people and this community.  Rod MacIlvane shares almost every week at Grace Community Church with great wisdom and compassion and practical insight.  We are in Romans now and the sermons are podcast and available to all on a weekly basis.  Visit in person or listen in when your schedule permits.
Recently, I have found a fascinating teacher in Chuck Missler.  He offers a delightful mix of the revelation of scripture and science and creation testifying to the validity of the Word of God.   As a seeker of Truth through the years, I take great pleasure in sharing these wonderful sources of inspiration in my life with you.
There is one more that I must mention, but am not able to share with you yet. My Dad, Ted Crosnoe, was a terrific Bible teacher as many of you know.  I am working on putting some of his teachings online so you can listen anytime you wish.  I completed the project of converting cassettes to CDs  and shared them with some of you already.  The next step will be to podcast them for all to have available! Coming soon . . .
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