U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government. Threatens Feds With SWAT Teams.

Sheriffs actually standing up against unwarranted federal intrusion? The most encouraging post I have seen in a long time via the American Free Press and the http://countysheriffproject.org Gonna do some more checking on these folks and this story,but sounds good!

Via The Waking Giant blog from November 14, 2011 by Volubrjotr. How did I miss this earlier?


County Sheriff Project: http://www.countysheriffproject.org/



U.S. Sheriffs Rise Up Against Federal Government: Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team ~ Grass Roots Take Charge!

November 14, 2011 by Volubrjotr

Sheriff Threatens Feds With SWAT Team

As more people became dissatisfied with federal government controls and land grabs, it was inevitable that local law enforcement would eventually see the bigger picture. At the northern California fairgrounds of Yreka last month, seven California sheriffs and another from Oregon gathered with a large group of citizens to say that they are finally going to do something about it.

“A giant has been awakened,” said Plumas County, Calif. Sheriff Greg Hagwood, “and they didn’t count on that,” speaking of the federal bureaucracy.

With exposure of the Emergency Management Center in San Luis Obispo a few decades ago, California began to offer the rest of the nation some evidence of the psychological conditioning aimed from…

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