Listen to the CLC Gets Grizzly Tuesday, Aug. 25 for a Wrap-Up of the Liberty Ride

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Click to visit Liberty Rider

Click to visit Liberty Rider

Join us this Tuesday evening, August 25 at 7pm CDT / 8pm EDT / 6pm MDT / 5pm PDT

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This week, we will have Liberty Rider Michael Maresco as our guest for the full hour to review his Ride for Honesty.

Michael spent over two months this summer riding a bike across the country, starting at the Statue of Liberty and ending at Alcatraz Prison to symbolize freedom to fascism.

Click to visit the Liberty Rider website

Click to visit the Liberty Rider website

But Michael’s trip had other purposes, several of which he would like to see continued even though his ride is over.

To listen to the show, just click on the icon below.

Just click on the image above to listen to the show

Just click on the image above to listen to the show

If you have questions for Michael, the call in number for the show is 646-915-9997.

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CLC Gets Grizzly Tonight Exploring Grassroots Politics and Current Events!

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

clcradioiconJoin Shelli Dawdy and Sandra Crosnoe on Blog Talk Radio

this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly

as we explore Grassroots politics and current events!


RJHofficialavatarWe hope to be joined by RJ Harris a constitutional liberty candidate in Oklahoma CD04 going after RINO Tom Cole in 2010. He will update us on his race and the Sooner Tea Party rally this week protesting Obamacare.  Join us for updates on our recent alerts that were sent out via email also. We’ll review the status of Sotomayor’s confirmation, Cap and Trade, Socialized Medicine, and the Pass Act.


liberty in or out orig

Finally, we hope that Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will have a minute to give us an update on his whereabouts and his plans.

He is there at the destination near the gateway to Alcatraz!


Have a Grassroots “tale” to share thoughts on stopping the Sotomayor Confirmation?

Call us! 646-915-9997

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The CLC Gets Grizzly on Tuesdays!

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

[Editor’s note: Archived shows are available and links will be posted soon here, but until then you can find the show archives by dates. Archives (links will be provided soon):

  • CLC 07/07/09 on Grassroots Teaparties and Cap & Trade Issue (guests include CLC member Joan Fabioano of Lansing Michigan and others)
  • CLC 07/01/09 on Grassroots (guest Kaye Beach)
  • CLC 06/23/09 on$135 Billion Treasury Bond Seizure, Liberty Rider Reaches Oklahoma (guest Michael Maresco)
  • CLC 06/16/09 on Ducks. Thanks for tuning in and joining us on the call and sharing with friends!

Talk radio is only as good as citizen participation and that means YOU! Blessings/sc

ps Michael Maresco checked in after the call and will try to join us next week – he is currently in Arizona and has other riders with him at present. He has a car traveling with the riders with plenty of water for crossing the desert in the heat. Thanks for caring and for the support for our LibertyRiders!]

clcradioiconJoin Shelli Dawdy and I on Blog Talk Radio this evening on The Constitutional Liberty Coalition Gets Grizzly as we hear more details about some of the Independence Day Tea Parties that occurred across the country.

CLC member Joan Fabiano of Lansing, MI, will join us to talk about her event at the State Capitol.

This round of Tea Parties didn’t receive the same media focus or buzz that was seen in April. Also, the events occurred on a holiday weekend. Further, there wasn’t a central entity online as also was the case in April. Did any of these phenomenon suppress turn out?

Also, we will get up to date on the status of H.R. 2454, the “Cap & Trade” bill.  When will the Senate vote on this soon? What’s in those 1400+ pages?

Finally, we hope that Liberty Rider, Michael Maresco will have a minute to give us an update on his whereabouts.

Have a Tea Party “tale” to share or thoughts on Cap & Trade?

Call us! 646-915-9997

Tuesday nights at 8PM EDT * 7PM CDT *6PM MDT * 5PM PDT

Will Grassroots Leaders Arise?

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Tea Party GrassrootsOccasionally something is so clear to me that I assume others understand. Then I find out that is not true. So to that end this seems very necessary to go over and may be old information to some. Did you know that there are those among us who are actually empowering those who would destroy us with time, talent, and treasure? Yes folks, we are complaining about the enemy and the enemy is in our midst. If we refuse to recognize the problem, how will we deal with the problem?

Is it easy? NO!

“A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8

It means we must insist on a standard that other groups do not have. It means that we must challenge those among us not doing things properly. It means that we must examine our own hearts and repent daily and ask forgiveness of God and our brothers and sisters when we err. It means that we stand ready to rescue the one sheep who is being abused by the tyrant even when it means that others will look down on us for doing so. It means answering to the Lord God Almighty above men and the desires of men (and women too – this writer uses masculine for mankind with no qualms to PC!)

The purpose of this piece is to announce a new site that is born out of a need to protect the Grassroots. It will succeed only if grassroots people choose to engage and support and promote. It was worth doing whether that occurs or not because you will have been given a choice. You will know which choice you made and why. is now online. At this incredible site you can find an event or list an event. The event will be published to a composite page and a master teaparty google calendar. We have also opened a page and a calendar for LibertyRider – Michael Maresco and his cross country ride with day one now complete and Michael safely in Trenton NJ. This website and calendar process has huge implications for our movement and the protection thereof if you will make it yours. If you continue to empower the national groups sapping your strength – that will be your choice because at least now you have an option. [Editor’s note: more sections to this project are opening daily including now: all events, teaparties, other rallies and protests, liberty rider days, conventions and conferences, media events, and volunteer opportunities.]

Please try it out and take your name off of the national sites who are taking credit for your efforts and trying to collect money from your grassroots constituents to do things that you may or may not agree with at all! I was recently at a meeting where a field director from a national group took personal credit for all the teaparties in Oklahoma. I personally knew that wasn’t true so do you think I believed the other things he claimed credit for? I am not saying these national groups are all bad – just must be reined in and monitored closely by real people who actually want bailouts stopped, the constitution followed, etc. etc.

I pray you will ponder these matters and understand the importance of proper action. Please properly empower the real servant leaders among you and rein in those who are plundering your efforts and sapping your energy to other ends. Please let us know how you plan to help by commenting on this piece here and sharing it with your networks if you are in agreement.

For Life and Liberty,
Sandra Crosnoe for
Constitutional Liberty Coalition

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