Happy Pi Day Everyone! Oh Sure It’s Not a National Holiday… Yet!

Happy Pi Day Everyone (3.14)    Get it?

Pi day is celebrated in math classrooms each year on March 14th

Pi Pics and Links from 2008

Here is how some math classes celebrate and don’t miss the pi song — it will hang in your brain for sure!  Students participated in special PI Day activities, celebrated the day by singing PI Day songs, and (of course) the traditional  eating of the pies.

Pi Day: The Other Math Holiday (pdf)

Mathematical Pi Song here >>>

Uploaded on Mar 27, 2010  This is a music video of the song “Mathematical Pi” by Ken Ferrier and Antoni Chan.

My First Pi day post from 2011 here >>>

At 3.14 (3 minutes 14 seconds) David Letterman learns what pi means! Daniel Tammet is an amazing math genius who memorised pi to 20,000 places. Is he the world’s greatest math prodigy? He is an amazing mathematics savant or maths prodigy.

Think I’ll go have another piece of pie now just to help celebrate the day.


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