Ron Paul the Gold Standard of Presidential Politics at Reagan Dinner in Iowa on Nov 4th

Rand Paul introduces his father from long distance for this important dinner in Iowa. Ron Paul’s remarks include a few personal experiences with Ronald Reagan and a little insight into the gold standard, economic policy, foreign policy, and a strong national defense. He has recommended $1 Trillion in the first year of his presidency and eliminate 5 departments including the department of education. Enjoy his refreshing comments amidst a very friendly crowd at the Reagan dinner in Iowa.

Des Moines, Iowa

Hy-Vee Hall

November 4, 2011

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RJ Harris – Oklahoma Standard Bearer

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them

If you were moved by this video please repost it on your page right away. RJ is the leader that we need for Oklahoma’s 4th Congressional District to march into Washington DC to retake our Congress from the bailout voters.

For Liberty!

Please, donate to RJ’s campaign today!

My comment on the video just now:

Thank you RJ for standing up and holding up the standard for all of us in Oklahoma to be able to rally around! You are a breath of fresh air, a valiant leader, an articulate spokesman, and a true champion of liberty in our state. Keep up the good work and take that district back for Real Republicans Restoring the Republic! @scrosnoe

Please share the video and RJ Harris banners and information with your friends and neighbors too. No bailout voter should be returned to Washington DC ever! They have done enough damage for generations to come.

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NOTE: RJ Harris is endorsed by Adam Kokesh and Rand Paul. I am so pleased with the Constitutional Liberty Candidates arising across the land and very excited to be working to send Ron Paul some help in Congress. Please donate and share this information with all your friends. Make a contribution and fill the liberty bell up on the picture as well as spreading the message across the land as you go – one by one, step by step.

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