Facebook: A Word to the Wise

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Dear Friends,

Have you noticed that Facebook items are rolling off the page faster than ever? If you thought that anything posted here would be available to you for reference for long think again. This is not a storage facility and what you post is not available for long. Have you considered a blog? I recommend WordPress with free and paid options available for you.

Be sure that you have important contact information stored somewhere else and do not rely on access here. Remember that it is a free service for most of us and that it is really for the benefit of those providing and paying for the service. Keep all important data backed up in layers and in multiple places if at all possible.

You might keep these things in mind when you give your contact information to a political group also. Many are marketing fronts for professionals who collect names and information so they can collect money based on hot button issues for people who pay them to do so. These folks do not necessarily really want ‘change’ or care about the hot button issue that you do. So if you give time and money be sure you know and trust those who will disperse the money and services to others.

If you don’t know who is on the board, then you don’t know enough to even evaluate the matter. Proceed with caution!

Give wisely and watch the Lord multiply good seed and bring the increase.


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