Randy Barnett — the Taxpayer’s Best Friend in HD10 — Patriot * Veteran * Man of Faith

Document-Randy Barnett - State Representative for HD10 Tue Jun 24 2014 Randy Barnett

Document-Randy Barnett - State Representative for HD10 p2 Tue Jun 24 2014

Randy Barnett is ready to go to work for you the taxpayer, protecting, preserving, and defending your rights. He knows the constitution and has always stood for you as a veteran and in the private sector too.

I wish I lived in his district and could actually cast a vote for him. The next best thing I can do is make sure all my friends know about him and remember to vote for him on Tuesday, June 24th.

HD10 covers parts of Washington County and Osage County and all of Nowata County.  There is a map of the district on his website.

Here is a vote reminder message from Randy Barnett himself.  I call him the taxpayer’s best friend in HD10.

Online Voter Tool to confirm your registration, find your polling place, track your absentee ballot, or view a sample ballot

Randy Barnett HD10 Website

Campaign Newsletter SignUp


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Washington County School Board Elections – February 8th

There are 3 government elections in all 23 precincts in Washington County on February 8.  Three school districts have school board elections: Copan, Skiatook and Tri-County Technology Center.  Please open the attached file called “Washington County”; it is the summary of the candidates in these elections.  The summary includes the name of each candidate, the office they are running for, their phone number and e-mail address (if they have an e-mail address).  The Washington County Election Board phone number is 918-337-2850.  (received via Greg and Susan Hill email recently) with the attachment below:


SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS, WASHINGTON COUNTY (ELECTION BOARD# = 337-2850) – FEB. 8, 2011 NOTICE: This list has 2 purposes: to allow you, the voter, to contact the candidates to help you determine a) what candidates you will vote for and b) what candidates you will volunteer for.

Ind. School District No. 4 – (COPAN) Office No. 1 (5 year term) (Pr 71, 73-74) NONPARTISAN: Ryan Shane Cameron 214-7551 Kevin C. Suggs 532-4276 herbiebn@yahoo.com kcguggs@gmail.com

Ind. School District No. 7 – (SKIATOOK) Office No. 3 (2 yr unexpired term) (Pr 78) NONPARTISAN: Linda Loftis 855-4334 Julie Lynn 809-2041 http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Loftis/1811501115 lynnskiatook@aol.com http://www..facebook.com/album.php?aid=69637&id=1067833132#!/pages/Loftis-for-Skiatook-School-Board/148224001893689 lloftis@tulsarealtors.com

Mike Mullins 277-3063


Tri-County Technology Center District No. 1 Office No. 3 (5 year term) (all precincts) NONPARTISAN: Gil Greenwood 914-3613 Paul R. Turcott 914-2682 finn@bartnet.net prturcott@yahoo.com

SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS CANCELLED IN THESE SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Avant C35 school district: Pr 78 (Osage County = parent county) Bartlesville I30 school district: Pr 11-13, 15, 22, 27-28, 31, 33, 46, 48, 51, 54, 74-76, 711 (Osage = affected county) Caney Valley I18 school district: Pr 27, 31, 76-79 (Osage County = affected county) Collinsville I6 school district: Pr 77 (Tulsa County= parent county) Dewey I7 school district: Pr 62, 73, 74 (Osage County = affected county) OK Union I3 school district: Pr 71, 74 (Nowata County = parent county)


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