Washington County GOP – Proposed Resolutions for Consideration



Proposed Resolutions for Consideration on Saturday March 2, 2013:

For more information on the meeting to consider these resolutions

see Order of Business and Rules – Saturday March 2nd here >>>

Oklahoma State Party Rules 2011 (pdf format)

Oklahoma State Party Platform  2012 (pdf format)

Washington County GOP Precinct Chairs

[Editor’s note:  I do not know who was on the committee or when they met.  These resolutions were given to me via email from Joe Beffer who chaired the Rules Committee and are posted here as information only.  I would note that two resolutions that were sent in by my precinct 28 are modified but referenced here./sc]

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Washington County Republican Convention – Order of Business and Rules – Saturday March 2nd

[Editor’s Note:  Joe Beffer has asked me to post the proposed rules and order of business for the Washington County Republican Convention on Saturday March 2nd. There is also a link to the Oklahoma State Party Rules and Platform included in this post for reference.  You may contact Joe via email jmbeffer_RMS@hotmail.com if you have any questions./sc]


Report of The Rules and Order of Business Committee

SECTION 1. Order of Business

March 2nd, 2013

12:00pm – Registration Open

1:00pm – Convention begins

1:30 – Registration Closed

  1. Welcome Grace Farmer
  2. Invocation John Kahre
  3. Flag Salute Connor Whitham
  4. National AnthemTBD
  5. Report from County Chairman and Vice Chairman  Grace Farmer, Chairman ‐ John Kahre – Vice Chairman
  6. Special Guest – Congressman Jim Bridenstine – 1st Congressional DistrictIntroduction by State Senator John Ford
  7. Legislative ReportState Senator John Ford, State Representatives Earl Sears, State Representative Steve Martin
  8. College Republican’s Report Connor Whitham – Oklahoma Wesleyan University College Republican Chairman
  9. Credentials Report Mark Keesling – Credentials Committee, Chairman
  10. State Convention Grace Farmer
  11. Election of Convention Chairman
  12. Treasurer’s Report Alex Schuettenberg – Washington County Executive Committee, Treasurer
  13. Approval of the minutes of the last convention Convention Secretary – TBD
  14. Rules Committee Report Joe Beffer – Rules and Order of Business Committee, Chairman
  15. Resolutions Report Charles Daniels – Resolutions Committee, Chairman
  16. Nomination Committee Report Dan Wimberly – Nominations Committee, Chairman
  17. Other Business





The permanent roll of this convention shall be that proposed by the Credentials Committee and approved and adopted by this Convention.


  1. All issues of accreditation of delegates, or the contest, authenticity or other disputed matters related to accreditation and seating of delegates shall be referred to the Credentials Committee prior to its report to this Convention. Acceptance and approval of the Credentials Committee shall be conclusive of each such issue.
  2. An alternate may become an accredited delegate if certified by the Credentials Committee before the Credentials Committee report is accepted by this Convention.


  1. Only accredited delegates to this Convention as reflected by the roll of this Convention, as reported by the Credentials Committee, and as approved by this Convention, shall vote on its deliberations.
  2. Voting upon all matters presented to this Convention shall be, preferentially, by voice vote or standing vote. The Chairman, if in doubt of the result of any vote, may call for a roll call vote. Any delegate may call for a roll call vote with or without a secret ballot, if approved by at least twenty‐five percent of the delegates to this Convention.
  3. In the event of a vote by call of the permanent roll of this Convention, the Chairman shall appoint three tellers of the vote. One teller shall be the Secretary of this Convention and shall conduct and report the voting under the direction of the Chairman.
  4. A quorum shall be equal to the number of the accredited delegates present during any given vote.


  1. Election of County officers shall take place at Conventions falling on all odd numbered years.
  2. The Chairman of this Convention shall first call for the Report of the
    Nominations Committee. Following its report, the Chairman shall accept nominations from the floor, and seconds, thereto, for the office of Washington County Chairman.
  3. Sponsors of each nominee will be allotted a combined total of (5) five minutes for nominating and seconding speeches and/or for the nominee to speak in his or her own behalf. Nominees and sponsors will speak in the order of their nomination.
  1. The voting shall be as prescribed in Section 1 (C) of these rules, except that in the case of a contested election, the vote shall be by secret ballot.
  2. A candidate shall be deemed elected upon receiving a majority of the votes cast. A majority is defined here as any amount greater than 50.0 percent.
  3. Following the election of the County Chairman, the Convention
    Chairman shall call for nominations from the floor, in turn, for the offices of: County Vice‐ Chairman; the State Committeeman; the State Committeewoman; District 1 Committeewoman; and District 1 Committeeman. The election procedure shall be the same as that for the Washington County Chairman. Per state party rules, the County Chairman and the County Vice‐ Chairman shall be of opposite genders.


  1. Any delegate to the Washington County Convention electing to be a delegate at the State Convention on April 20, 2013 at the Magnuson Hotel & Convention Center in Oklahoma City, must nominate himself or herself, in writing, to the Secretary of the County Convention on or before Friday, March 8 2013.
  2. The Chairman shall then call for a discussion and motion as to the type of delegation to be adopted (i.e. “Open Delegation” or the “Delegate‐Alternate Type Delegation”)
  3. Voting shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 (C).


  1. All resolutions, whether substantive, declaratory, or endorsement, must be presented to the Resolutions Committee in writing before it begins its deliberations.
  2. All resolutions contained in the Resolutions Committee report shall be presented first collectively to the Convention for its approval.
  3. Any delegate may request, from the floor, to have any resolution in the report, considered and voted on separately.
  4. The remaining resolutions shall then be put before the Convention and voted on collectively.
  5. Voting shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 (C).
  6. Other resolutions, endorsements or motions of a declaratory nature considered and not brought forth by the Resolutions Committee, may be brought to the Convention from the floor under the order of business titled “Other Business”. Any such resolution shall first be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary of this Convention (prior to the conclusion of the Resolutions Committee Report) and then read to the Convention by the Chairman of the Resolutions Committee.
  7. Any resolution proposed from the floor shall require approval from 20 percent of the accredited delegates. Voting shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Section 1 (C).


  1. Any “Other Business” to be brought before the Convention shall be submitted, in writing, to the Convention Chair prior to the call for “Other Business”. Any such motion shall be read in its entirety to the convention and shall require 20 percent of present delegates to be moved to the floor.
  2. The rules of this Convention as set forth in this report may be suspended or amended by the affirmative vote of two‐thirds of the votes cast by the accredited delegates to this Convention.
  3. Any delegate may appeal a ruling of the Chair. Such appeal may be granted only upon the approval of twenty‐five percent of the accredited delegates to this Convention.
  4. Debate on any issue shall be limited to a total of six minutes, evenly split between the affirmative and the opposed.
  5. Any action of this Convention not specifically covered by the foregoing rules shall be governed by Rules of the Republican Party of Oklahoma as interpreted by the Chairman of this Convention. The Rules of the Republican Party of Oklahoma includes the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.
  6. Any delegate who attempts to shout down, disrupt, or hinder a delegate recognized to speak shall be warned by the Chair to cease. The second breach of this rule shall result in expulsion and forfeiture of the delegate’s right to participate in the convention.
  7. Guests or observers are not allowed in the area reserved for delegates to this Convention. They may not participate in or vote on any action taken on the floor of this Convention.
  8. Any motion to adjourn, qualified or unqualified, shall be out of order until after the conclusion of that section of the convention business entitled “Other Business”.

Attached to these Rules and made a part hereof is an ORDER OF BUSINESS for the Washington County Republican Convention 2013.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Joe Beffer, Tim Hazelwood, John Kahre, Greg Mathers, and Candy Roberts

Oklahoma State Party Rules 2011 (pdf format)

Oklahoma State Party Platform  2012 (pdf format)

Washington County GOP Precinct Chairs

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