Washington County Oklahoma Republican Meetings Upcoming

OK_GOP_seal2-150x150The Washington County Republican Party will hold its Precinct meetings Tuesday February 5th, 7pm at Arvest Bank, 4225 SE Adams Rd in the Community room.  We will be holding elections for Precinct Officers and conducting business to get ready for the County Convention.  The convention will be held March 2nd at 1pm also at Arvest Bank.  To be a delegate to the County Convention you must have attended your Precinct meeting or contacted your current Precinct Chairman to let them know your intent. 

For more info contact Mark Keesling at 918-841-1105.

This information was from County Chair Grace Farmer in an email to Suzanne Callihan’s list.  Suzanne is now living in the Oklahoma City Area.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend and bring friends registered Republican who want to grow the party and stand for limited government and constitutional principles!

If you have resolutions to present, please bring enough copies to share with the group or at the very least enough for your precinct.  We may post a packet of resolutions via OKGrassroots as we have in years past.  If you have one to submit for consideration, please share it as a comment below or send it to Sandra Crosnoe via email.

Important Dates to Save

February 5th (Tuesday)  7PM Washington County Precinct Meetings  — Arvest Bank 4225 SE Adams Road in the Community Room (Bartlesville)

February 23rd (Saturday) in Tulsa — OKGOP Annual Delegation Dinner
Congressmen Frank Lucas, Tom Cole, James Lankford, Jim Bridenstine and Markwayne Mullin will be present for this fundraiser.
This will be a roundtable discussion at 5:30 pm, reception with photo opportunity at 6 pm, and dinner and remark at 7 pm.
Tickets can be purchased at the below link:

State Chairman Matt Pinnell says, “We are looking forward to our dinner with a FULL Congressional Delegation! 5 for 5!

March 2nd (Saturday) 1PM Washington County Convention — Arvest Bank 4225 SE Adams Road in the Community Room (Bartlesville)

April 20th (Saturday) Oklahoma State GOP Convention — The Magnuson Hotel & Conference Center, 737 S. Meridian, OKC

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Washington County GOP Precinct Meetings set for January 31 / reset for Feb 7

Our Precinct meetings rescheduled for February 7th will be held at Arvest Bank, 4225 SE Adams RD in the Community Room at 7 p.m.  All registered Republicans are encouraged to attend.  Hopefully we will have better weather.

Thank you.
Grace Farmer

(email update received via Suzanne Callihan on Feb 4th)

Sample Resolutions to consider introducing are posted here.
Hope to see you there!



Washington County Republican Party Precinct Meetings have been cancelled for Monday January 31st. They will be rescheduled for Monday February 7th at 7:00 p.m.

If you live in another County please follow the link in the letter below to determine who to contact for more information.  Our state GOP website is here.
If you would like more information on some sample resolutions to consider introducing at your precinct meeting please visit Okgrassroots here.  Resolutions are downloadable on scribd here.
If you would like more information in how to get involved in the legislative process this session, please connect with OK-Safe here and make one of their upcoming training sessions if at all possible.
Sandra Crosnoe
Washington County GOP
Precinct Chair 28

Precinct Meeting and Elections 1-26-2011
“Organize the whole state, so that every Whig can be brought to the polls. Divide the country into small districts and appoint in each a committee. Make a perfect list of voters and ascertain with certainty for whom they will vote. Keep a constant watch on the doubtful voters and have them talked to by those in whom they have the most confidence…and on election day see that exactly every Whig is brought to the polls.” 

-Abraham Lincoln
Illinois State register
February 21, 1840

Oklahoma Republicans-

We can’t organize our state without first organizing our precincts. You have a chance to help in this effort on February 1st, when most counties in Oklahoma will hold precinct meetings for precinct elections.

We must build our Party block by block- and organizing our precincts is the way to do it.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of our Republican county leadership teams is organizing the precincts within their boundaries. We can raise all the money we want, but without the volunteers to make the phone calls and walk the neighborhoods it’s much harder to build a winning formula.

Every county is different- some counties have one location for their precinct elections, others meet in House Districts, and still others meet in individual homes throughout the county. Bottom line: you need to reach out to your county chairman today to figure out where and when your precinct election is. If you are having problems reaching your county chairman we need you to call the State HQ immediately.

We can’t micromanage your precincts, but when it comes to precinct elections and county conventions, we want to help if help is needed. So please, call your county chairman today (a list can be found here) and make plans to attend your precinct election.

We aren’t after Whigs, but Honest Abe had the right strategy 171 years ago. I’m asking for a few hours of your time to help keep this state moving in the right direction. As precinct chairman for Precinct 188, I will be there. Will you?

Matt Pinnell
Chairman of the OKGOP and Precinct 188


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Make plans to attend your precinct meetings today in whatever state you live in.  Know when they occur and be there!

Be salt and light in your county.

If you want some resolutions to take to your meeting here are some samples posted recently on OKGrassroots.  Start the discussion in your precinct and mobilize forces at your capitol during the legislative session with OK-Safe .

Note:  While most meetings will be on February 1st, the Washington County Meeting will be on January 31st.

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