Natural Law as a Restraint Against Tyranny

Video with Judge Andrew P. Napolitano recorded at the Mises Circle in Costa Mesa, California, 8 November 2014. This seminar examined the institutions of a stateless society and explored topics such as private defense, private police, privately produced money, the role of markets, and how stateless legal systems would work. This particular video in the series is about 22 minutes long and has over 47k viewers at time of posting.

Video shows Judge Napolitano at his best on natural rights. He stresses that you cannot take away natural rights with legislation even if you try because they do not come from government at all. He gives an interesting brief history lesson and then apples the concept to where we are today. He ends with a huge challenge to this generation and the next in a powerful prediction. Please take time to watch this. I promise you will be glad you did. Even if you already know these things, it will help you articulate the ideas to others and we all must do that!

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Sandra Crosnoe Announces Endorsement of Oklahoma R3publicans for Randy Brogdon for Republican State Chair

Why you should attend!  Senator Dahm’s endorsement comes out as those of us who are delegates head to OKC for the convention this weekend.  If you are a delegate, please make every effort to be there on time and cast your vote for Randy Brogdon!  If you are not a delegate, please contact a delegate and ask them to support Randy Brogdon and tell them why it is important!  This election will set the tone for future elections.  Many want to see a more positive grassroots orientation standing on principle and reaching out to all.  Wnen we lead with the limited government message and put feet to our conversation, we grow and win!  You may visit the convention as a guest if you wish.

The State Convention is THIS SATURDAY  April 11th at Crossroads Church, 8901 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City, 73149.

If you haven’t registered and paid your Delegate fee, you CAN still register and pay the morning of the Convention from 7:00 – 9:00 a.m. Please come early.

Please bring a Photo I.D. ( i.e. driver’s license) with you.

Sandra Crosnoe

Every vote counts and as you well know leadership matters.  I believe that Randy Brogdon will lead with a message that stands on principle and the basic tenets of our constitution.  I believe he will both grow the party and unify us by his style, his principles and his message.  He is articulate, has a strong work ethic, is a successful businessman, and above all a gracious gentleman to all he meets.  As cofounder of R3publicans, an Oklahoma precinct chair, an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2012, and an Oklahoma Grassroots activist, Randy Brogdon has my whole-hearted endorsement for Oklahoma Republican Party State Chair.

Thank you for your service and your time as a delegate and an activist!

For Life and Liberty,

Sandra Crosnoe for Oklahoma R3publicans

UpComing Events in Washington County

OK_GOP_seal2-150x1501.       Saturday June 15th – Flag Day at the Kiddie Park – 7:00p – 10:00p

–          Washington County Republican Party at the Kiddie Park entrances passing out flag stickers to all of the kids and parents as they enter the park.  This event helps bring awareness to the June 14th Flag Day holiday that is often forgotten.

2.       Tuesday June 25th – Washington County Young Republicans Legislative Updates Luncheon with Senator John Ford, Representatives Earl Sears and Steve Martin – 11:30a – 1:00p (Taj The Flavor 322 S. Johnstone Ave.)

–          Our local legislators will give us updates on the legislative session.

3.       Tuesday July 9th – Washington County Town Hall with OKGOP Chairman Dave Weston – Time and Location to be announced.

[Editor’s note: Bring your questions and your cameras and put these people on record about their recent votes. Politely remind them of their oath of office and the Republican party platform particularly in regard to limited government and Common Core and due process. Remember that technically they work for you! Blessings/sc]

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Teegarden for OK GOP State Chair Announces Candidacy at OCPAC — Decision will be made April 20th at the State Convention in OKC

Amanda Teegarden Head Shot2Amanda Teegarden announced her candidacy for the State Chair of the Oklahoma Republican Party today. Teegarden’s experience in grassroots education and activism convinced her that “the only way to solve our current crisis is to truly become the party of the people… Oklahoma has a strong history of populism, based upon self-reliance, neighborliness, community and civic involvement that accounts for the unique character so many people admire in our citizens,” Teegarden said.

“That means making our precincts active enterprises for education and activism. The precinct is the smallest political unit in the nation and the most important. American government is designed to flow from the individual up to the precinct and beyond. We need to actively encourage participation in these neighborhood areas so we can help citizens restore good government to our cities, counties, state and nation, “ she continued.

Teegarden, of Tulsa, is the Executive Director of OK-SAFE, a non-profit educational and activism organization dedicated to restoring the principles of the American Free Enterprise system and Constitutional Government. She is a long-time grassroots activist, as well as being in national demand for her work on grassroots training and public policy.

Amanda feels that now is not the time for politics as usual; we must stop recruiting candidates who don’t understand the basic principles of our American system of government. “We need principled men and women of integrity to rise to the challenge of running for office to restore our nation. I intend to find them and equip them to win,” Teegarden said.

Amanda Teegarden for OK GOP State Chair

She was called by many supporters to consider running. It was a tough decision for Teegarden because last month she was elected as a member of the 1st District Committee. “After four days of prayer, thought and consultation,” she said, “I decided that I would accept the call and take on this new challenge.”

Amanda formally announced this afternoon at a candidate forum sponsored by Oklahoma Political Action Committee.

Her website is: Teegarden for OKGOP state chair/

Facebook Page: Facebook page for TeegardenforOKGOP

From her website, Teegarden’s reasons for running for State Chair:

“Amanda is motivated by devotion to principle, implementation of conservative policy, and effective grassroots mobilization. So she is distressed by recent rules changes by the National GOP to dis-empower the grassroots and put all the power to select candidates and state delegates into the hands of people who have lost the last two Presidential elections. She is dedicated to reversing this as State Chairman.

America is at an historic crossroads that will determine whether our grandchildren will enjoy the blessings of freedom or the curse of tyranny. Never has the need for principled, courageous state legislators, state, county and local officials, been so great to resist and roll back the power of the Federal government. As your next GOP State Chairman, Amanda will work tirelessly to help make Oklahoma the model for the nation.”

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How the Federal Government took over the Flood Insurance Business

How the Federal Government took over the Flood Insurance Business 

By Margaret Snow


If you could develop a market for a product, then develop the product, and then force hundreds of thousands of people into buying the product, WOW, what a concept! Of course, in the private sector, that isn’t the way it works.

But if you were the all-powerful Federal Government, why not?

The “Federal Flood Management Program / National Flood Insurance Program” 



available to download via FEMA website (pdf file)

In 1968 through legislation the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 was enacted. This enabled property owners to purchase flood insurance through a Federally Backed Program. All participation in this program was strictly voluntary.

Like many Government Programs that start with the idea of helping those who need it, the program soon became a basis for passing new legislation & expanding the role of Government.

In 1973, only a few short years into the National Flood Insurance Act, legislation expanded the Flood Insurance to a mandatory status on all structures that were built in a designated flood zone and were mortgaged with a Federally Insured Lending Agency.

This legislation basically rocked along offering this federally backed insurance to those whose property was in a flood zone for 31 years. In 2004 the entire program was revised after Katrina and FEMA’s distribution of over $4 billion in Katrina relief.

FEMA was deeply indebted and it is entirely possible that legislators saw a way to build a business model that could help fund the agency. Thus the legislature passed putting the entire program under the direction of FEMA and funneling a network of fees & premiums back into FEMA’s coffers.

A complete package was put into place & a marketing campaign sold the program as “partnering with private insurance companies to provide a helpful needed product.” Flood insurance purchases were likely to increase after the natural disaster Katrina, but to generate the amount of money needed it would be necessary to mandate many more people had to buy flood insurance.

Read more here (pdf via OK-SAFE)

[Editor’s note:  While this article was written in 2011, much has happened since then.  Margaret Snow and some others met with our Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to brief him on matters.  It may be time for an update.  Margaret Snow serves as a Republican Precinct Chair is Washington County Oklahoma and works in the design field.  With this article and her personal story, she has definitely uncovered and revealed information that touches many people.   I believe she has provided us an example and a mode of operations of not one but many federal agencies that are actively working to strip  away our individual rights and property rights at our own expense.]

More information via OK-SAFE on topic of FEMA Flood Zone ReMapping here.

Truth in Focus – America in the Balance Radio Show on Topic in archives here.

(find appropriate broadcast and then you can listen or download – shows are in date order so scroll down)

Truth in Focus Radio Show on FEMA (download to listen; right click to save target as)

FEMA Flood Zones – David McLain and Margaret Snow 
08/21/2011: Guest David McLain, pastor of a church in Skiatook, OK recounts his experiences with a FEMA representative and a city official, who attempted to designate his church property as a flood zone. When asked by what authority FEMA was acting, specifically what constitutional authority he was operating under, the FEMA rep. answered that FEMA operates outside of the constitution, and is in fact international. Guest Margaret Snow, landowner in northern OK recounts how her property, which has never flooded, was designated floor zone by FEMA and how this resulted in the immediate reduction in the value of her property.

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