National Opt-Out Day – November 24th – Say No to Naked Body Scanners!

Special thanks to Grassroots in Nebraska and Shelli Dawdy for this pic


Special thanks to Adam Kokesh ‘the Man’ for this video on Opt-Out Day – November 24th

If you are as concerned as I am about the police state we are having thrust upon us at every turn, please consider taking some action to reverse the trend — for the children (and everyone else too!).

This is something everyone can do!

If we hit them in the pocketbook and decline to travel or opt out of the radiation treatment, I bet we will see some changes.  But it will require steady resolve in order to roll back this bureaucracy because the beast likes to eat and needs your willing compliance in order to do so.  Most beasts fight back when threatened, so don’t expect it to be easy.  It must be done though and as quickly as as possible too!

Press on dear friends.

As my good friend RJ Harris (future Congressman) would say – “once more into the breach”.

Blessings all/sc

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