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Ask Questions

Most of the time I share things I find from others here but occasionally, I have something that I feel the need to share that I hope is timely for all. This message is actually a continuation of some things that I have been working on articulating that are a product of a lifetime of grassroots activism. Some of you are new to political activism this cycle and for you I hope that I can short circuit the learning curve. Some of you are partners with me in the venture we set forth on together many years ago in Texas and is ongoing now as we have connected with our counterparts around the country over the years. If you are grassroots doing things just because you care and we are not connected – please get in touch with me and share what you are doing and how we can best stay in touch and connected!

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Your Time is a Real Treasure

Today’s message is simple and practical and should be common sense! But I find that sometimes we get lost in the vision and forget the basics so I want to make sure to stress that to my friends who are in this journey with me. When you have doubts and concerns about a matter, go straight to the person/persons in question and ask questions.

Share Answers and Information

Matters of public record should be matters of openness and transparency; but first attempt to resolve the matter privately. You will be amazed how effective this process is and how many potential problems and wildfires can be cut off at the inception if followed! Biblically this guideline is found in Matthew 18.

Say Thank You!

Don’t forget to say thank you often along the way. And give credit where credit is due. Rarely if ever are we able to do things or accomplish great things all by ourselves. In fact truth be known never. I thank my God daily for the opportunity to participate in His creation as one of His. I serve Him and am grateful for the graciousness which He extends to me and oft challenged to be sure and do that for others.

So the real crux is how far we go in extending graciousness and exposing wickedness? I think the answer lies in when the wickedness is harming others; then it must be exposed. The challenge is to do so in such a way that always leaves the door open for the evil-doer to repent and turn to the Lord and turn from the wicked ways and toward righteousness.

Thank you all for helping me along the way.  I appreciate all the encouragement and correction and faithfulness of my friends and co-laborers in the efforts to restore the republic and share the gospel.

Let us share the truth and set the captives free!



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