Washington County Grassroots Meeting – Thursday Dec 11th 6:30PM at the Bartlesville Library


Washington County Grassroots Graphic Corrected 2014Dear Friends in Washington County Grassroots,

Recently several people on our prayer team met to discuss a broader meeting this month in preparation for events that will occur in January 2015. We decided to set up a meeting to seek wisdom on matters:

Bartlesville Public Library (meeting room on 2nd floor)
Dec 11th 6:30 PM

Please come if you can and feel free to share with anyone interested in attending. We will share what we know about what lies up ahead and seek the wisdom of the body as we move ahead.

Sandra will share briefly about upcoming Republican party meetings in early 2015 with dates and process and ways to get involved if you are interested in doing so.

Precinct Meetings in January (precinct chair and other officers will be elected this cycle)
County Meeting usually in March (county chair and other officers will be elected this cycle)
State Convention usually in April (state chair and other officers will be elected this cycle)

If you have resolutions to share with everyone, please bring multiple copies to share and circulate!


Shelle will share some projects on her heart and set up teams to tackle ongoing projects. Do you have 1 -3 hours a month you can spare for liberty? If so consider these team projects:

Patriots who will attend Local School Board meetings
Patriots who will attend City Council Meetings
Patriots who will attend County Commissioner Meetings
Patriots willing to reach out to local legislators and establish regular meetings with them
Patriots willing to share this information
Patriots who know the constitution is about protecting freedoms
Patriots willing to form Block Prayer teams
Patriots willing to be speakers/topics of interest


Randy will share briefly about Oathkeepers and what that might look like on a local level:

[Recently] I woke up with a desire to offer precinct leaders and activists a forum to do more than serve the 2-party system .

A broader concept would be based on security and community – neighborhood watch, preparedness, resource sharing, Civil Preservation Teams like Oathkeepers has planned. (And ultimately, the intended function of a militia would be met—hopefully restored.

Here’s a link to an Oathkeepers page that provides a Documentary film on Martial Law —


We need to resist top-down control by Feds and renew local control through the People — an informed and educated grassroots network.


Other items to add to agenda? Please let us know in advance of meeting.

We will keep the meeting itself to a 2 hour format to optimize everyone’s time.

Sandra Crosnoe

LaShelle Griffith

Randy Barnett


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Additional Reference Links:

OKGOP platform


Statement of Republican Principles

Resolution concerning Common Core, passed by the OKGOP State Committee, 18 Jan 2014

Sample Resolutions from 2011 (via OKGrassroots)

The Official Call Oklahoma Republican Party

Randy Barnett — the Taxpayer’s Best Friend in HD10 — Patriot * Veteran * Man of Faith

Document-Randy Barnett - State Representative for HD10 Tue Jun 24 2014 Randy Barnett

Document-Randy Barnett - State Representative for HD10 p2 Tue Jun 24 2014

Randy Barnett is ready to go to work for you the taxpayer, protecting, preserving, and defending your rights. He knows the constitution and has always stood for you as a veteran and in the private sector too.

I wish I lived in his district and could actually cast a vote for him. The next best thing I can do is make sure all my friends know about him and remember to vote for him on Tuesday, June 24th.

HD10 covers parts of Washington County and Osage County and all of Nowata County.  There is a map of the district on his website.

Here is a vote reminder message from Randy Barnett himself.  I call him the taxpayer’s best friend in HD10.

Online Voter Tool to confirm your registration, find your polling place, track your absentee ballot, or view a sample ballot

Randy Barnett HD10 Website

Campaign Newsletter SignUp


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What is Important in a Campaign? – Well that Depends on the Man!

Yesterday at the Rock the Vote Event in Bartlesville at Sooner Park, several of us were visiting under the shade about campaigns and good times.  As we were getting ready for the event, speakers and bands were gathering, people were on the hillside visiting, flags were waving and the weather was perfect.  Off in the distance, games were in progress and children were on their skateboards traversing the hills and rolling paths.

Suddenly one of the boys coming down a hill we could see, took a spill and was on the ground.   I am sure he was in pain, but also not wanting people to know of his fall.  Randy Brogdon was right by my side and saw the fall occur.  He said to me,  “I’m going to go see if he is ok.” and proceeded to walk the distance to check on the young man.  A friend of mine snapped this picture and shared it with me.Randy Brogdon with Skateboarder1

She later visited with the young man herself and asked if he know who he was talking to earlier and he indicated that he did not. She told him that was Randy Brogdon and that he was a candidate for US Senate. The young man expressed his amazement and appreciation that Randy Brogdon took time away from his campaign and the event to check on him. Randy did not do it for thanks or public accolades, he did it because he cares about the people. How do I know? Because he knew the picture was taken but did not ask for a copy or ask us to make it public.

But I thought you should know.

If you want more information about his campaign, please visit Randy Brogdon (RandyBrogdon.com)

H/T LaShelle Griffith for photo

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Bartlesville STOP ObamacarePenaltiesNOW Rally Set for Jan 11th — YOU are invited!

You are invited to come and bring a friend.  This should be a most informative rally with information on legislation in the works to STOP Obamacare Penalties NOW.  Find out how you can help and be a part of the solution this legislative session!

STOP Flyer Revised - Bartlesville

DATE: January 11, 2014

TIME: 10AM – 12 NOON

PLACE:  First Floor – Room 100

 Bartlesville Public Library

 600 S. Johnstone

 Bartlesville, OK 74003

Share the flyer! (pdf format downloadable/printable below on Scribd)


Senator Nathan Dahm

Insurance Commissioner Doak

Amanda Teegarden for OK-SAFE

Bob Donohoo for STOP

Congressman Bridenstine may send a rep from his office to speak on his behalf

Senator Ford, Rep Martin and Rep Sears have been invited

LaShelle Griffith will MC event

Group Sponsors:

Washington County Grassroots Prayer Team — LaShelle Griffith

OK-SAFE – Amanda Teegarden

Osage County Republican Party – Celia Lanham

R3publicans – Sandra Crosnoe

Bartians for Academic Freedom  – Joy Molina Collins

Tulsa 9.12 Project – Ronda Vuillemont-Smith

Oklahoma John Birch Society/STOP Coordinator – Bob Donohoo

Stop Obamacare Penalties Now – Charles Key

(teeshirts and buttons available at the rally for suggested donations of $15 and $1 respectively)

StopObamacarePenaltiesNOW.comStop Obamacare Penalties Now (rallies in 12 cities planned)


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Washington County Grassroots Prayer Group Potluck Speakers — Gale Kane and Randy Barnett — Thursday night at 6PM

Our Washington County Grassroots Prayer Group

Pot Luck Dinner will be Thursday night 07/18/13

@6 pm at Sandra Crosnoe’s home

(please RSVP to 918.440.6876 for directions)


Gale Kane , Author of ‘Bartlesville Means Business’  and ‘Frank’s Fancy’ will
talk to us about the history of Bartlesville and Woolaroc.

Click on book pics to order online.  Bring your book(s) to be autographed.

51v7GsxprxL._AA160_  Franks Fancy

Randy Barnett, The importance of the Holy Spirit in our time.

Prayer Topic:

Reference Luke 10

What was Jesus’s Conversation with the Pharisee’s all about?
How do we stay humble?

Prayer concerns:


Families of Friends, Neighbors,





My specific prayer is that we all be drawn into closer relationship
with him. That flesh be laid down.  That we look into the hearts of
people and pray for the pain within them. That we begin to understand
true Authority that we were destined to walk in. That we learn just as
commitment is a dual action verb so is submission. As we accepted the
gifts God gave to us and we have committed to care for them; let us
also understand that submission is how we treat one another.   It is
about the proper order of our lives with Christ.  It is In Loving
Him with all our hearts and soul and our neighbor in the same way we
would want to be loved.

In His name

Repenting each day and turning from my wicked ways.


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