R3publicans announce new website!

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This website is being released in draft format. I am inviting all my friends and twitter buddies to come and visit and leave comments. Send me an email if you want to blog on the new site for R3publican and/or if you would like to be listed on our friends page. Click on the R3 logo on the right to see the new site >>>>

The top post on the new site is about our Citizen’s Assembly for Oklahoma Sovereignty Event planned for January 3rd in OKC @ 7PM. Charles Key, Constance Johnson, and more will brief us on the topic in our first bipartisan format. We look forward to seeing how we can all work together on matters to protect the rights of all among us!

Please welcome Kaye Beach to our site and be sure to read her first post on Biometrics and the importance of you being informed on the topic. Make plans now to come to OKC on Jan 3rd if at all possible!


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