Bono NAACP Speech – Call to Action

Just the speech – the missing video from the Mike Pilavachi Message
Hillsong Tue 8th July 08 7.30pm
Special thanks to Jordan Page for posting this video on his Myspace page where I found it.  He had this text under the video and I share it for you as a quote from him as he is one of my heros and truly the ‘muse of the r3volution’.
“JOHN ADAMS, MLK, Bob Dylan, Abbie Hoffman, Kahlil Gibran, Tim Robbins, Aaron Russo, Pearl Jam, U2, Ron Paul, Patriotic Americans who know the difference between the love of country and nationalism. Frederick Douglas said that a patriot is a person who loves their country but does not excuse its sins. I live by that philosophy.”  Jordan Page
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