Lankford Voting Record Dismal – Barely Passing by Most Standards – Send him back to Camp!

Don’t get me wrong, I personally like James Lankford.  I suspect he was a very good Christian camp director.  His politics certainly do not match mine nor I dare say any real conservative in the state of Oklahoma.  He doesn’t even get close to articulating a limited government, constitutional philosophy.  So if you were looking for another Dr. No. then I suggest you keep looking.

Let’s take a look at his bad votes over recent years and how he rates with one of the best ‘graders’ in the nation – the JBS.  I love the reports in the New American and the fact that it is online too.  You can review a complete summary of James Lankford’s votes on the Freedom Index.

Score Breakdown:
60% (113th Congress: 2013-2014); 70% (112th Congress: 2011-2012)
Let’s list only the ‘bad votes’ and see just how many of the planks of the constitution he managed to shred in his short tenure in the house (my words not those of the New American).
The votes below are pulled directly from the Freedom Index with a tiny summary of the vote analysis included there.  There is much more there if you want to dig deeper and compare with others too! And again this is just the ‘bad votes’ from that index for Lankford:

H R 2397: On Agreeing to the Amendment 54 to H R 2397

Military collaboration with the Chinese regime will not diminish the security threat it poses to the United States but, if anything, heighten it.

H R 2397: On Agreeing to the Amendment 64 to H R 2397

Authorizing the president to use military force without a declaration of war is a shifting of responsibility from Congress to the executive branch that essentially allows the president to exercise dictator-like powers and should be opposed.

H R 2397: On Agreeing to the Amendment 70 to H R 2397

Blanket collection of electronic records of citizens who are not under investigation is a violation of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on search and seizure without a warrant.

H R 1947: Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act

These subsidies have resulted in large market distortions as the government essentially picks winners and losers in the food production industry, and the fact that the number of people enrolled in food stamp programs has grown consistently illustrates that these programs do little to lift people out of poverty.

H R 1960: On Agreeing to the Amendment 12 to H R 1960

Under the National Defense Authorization Act, the president may abrogate these rights simply by designating terror suspects, including Americans, as “enemy combatants.” A government that would lock up anyone indefinitely without trial is certainly moving toward tyranny, and legislation to prevent this abuse of power is needed.

H R 624: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection (CISPA) Act

…the massive sharing of private citizens’ online data by Internet companies with federal government agencies authorized by this bill violates “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” as set forth in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

H R 933: Department of Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013

… passage of this mammoth continuing resolution provided a way for Congress to perpetuate its fiscally irresponsible, unconstitutional spending habits with a minimum of accountability to its constituents.

H R 325: To ensure the complete and timely payment of the obligations of the United States Government until May 19, 2013, and for other purposes

…the federal government should live within its means and because most of the spending responsible for the ballooning national debt is unconstitutional.

H.J.Res. 117: Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013

…passage of this mammoth continuing resolution provided a way for Congress to perpetuate its fiscally irresponsible, unconstitutional spending habits with a minimum of accountability to its constituents.

H.R. 5949: FISA Amendments Act Reauthorization Act of 2012

…because warrantless surveillance is unconstitutional and violates privacy and individual liberty. While ostensibly carried out only on “foreign suspects” communicating with U.S. citizens, it is difficult to imagine this surveillance not extending to U.S. citizens.

H.Amdt. 1414 to H.R. 5856: An amendment to reduce appropriations made in Title IX of the bill by $20,843,869,000. The reduction shall not apply to the following accounts 1) Defense Health Program; 2) Drug Interdiction and Counter-Drug Activities, Defense; 3) Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Fund; and 4) Office of the Inspector General.

…the massive expenditure on undeclared foreign wars and nation building is unconstitutional and unaffordable.

On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass H.R. 6018: Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Year 2013

…U.S. participation in the United Nations involves an unconstitutional delegation of our national sovereignty to the UN.

H.Amdt.1127 to H.R.4310: An amendment numbered 46 printed in House Report 112-485 to strike section 1022 of the FY2012 NDAA and amend Section 1021 of same Act to eliminate indefinite military detention of any person detained under AUMF authority in U.S., territories or possessions by providing immediate transfer to trial and proceedings by a court established under Article III of the Constitution of the United states or by an appropriate State court.

…the War on Terror must not be allowed to destroy constitutional legal protections, including the issuance of a warrant based on probable cause (Fourth Amendment) and the right to a trial (Sixth Amendment).

H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA)

…the CISPA bill would permit government access to the private information of citizens, in violation of the Fourth Amendment “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

H.R. 3521: Expedited Legislative Line-Item Veto and Rescissions Act of 2012

…providing any form of line-item veto power to the President violates the Constitution’s separation of powers.

H.R. 2055: Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2012

…many of the bill’s spending programs — e.g., education, housing, foreign aid, etc. — are unconstitutional. Moreover, passing this mammoth appropriations bill in light of the ongoing trillion-dollar annual deficits is grossly fiscally irresponsible. Furthermore, packaging the appropriations bills for so many large federal agencies into one mega-bill greatly reduces the accountability of the Congressmen to their constituents.

H.R. 3080: United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act

…agreements such as this one are intended to transfer trade (and other) powers to super-national arrangements binding the United States, despite the fact that under the Constitution only Congress has the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations.”

S. 365: Budget Control Act of 2011

…the debt deal allows both the national debt and spending to continue their upward trajectories. Moreover, the budget process established by the legislation is clearly unconstitutional since no Congress can bind the actions of future Congresses via the so-called automatic cuts.

H.Con.Res. 51: Directing the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution, to remove the United States Armed Forces from Libya

…not merely because Obama’s Libya deployment is now in violation of the War Powers Act’s 60-day requirement for congressional authorization, but also because it violates the Constitution, which clearly assigns to Congress the power “to declare war.”

S. 990: PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011

…because the provisions that were extended, as well as the Patriot Act as a whole, violate the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

Now lest you are thinking well, that is just the JBS.  They are a little right wing.  Here’s what the Senate Conservative Fund says – oh and the Senate is no bastion of real conservative thought either as you well know.

Oklahoma Representative James Lankford will announce his intentions later Monday afternoon for Senator Tom Coburn’s seat in the U.S. Senate. He’s expected to seek the election but he won’t have a key group supporting him.

The Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF) says Lankford’s voting history will prevent support from them.

“We won’t support Congressman Lankford’s bid for the Senate because of his past votes to increase the debt limit, raise taxes, and fund Obamacare,” said SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins. “We have reviewed his record and it’s clear that conservatives cannot count on him to fight for their principles.”

The SCF sites a number of Lankford’s voting history that includes raising the debt limit, funding Obamacare, and supporting the Ryan-Murray budget agreement. (article reference here)

So are you beginning to understand why James Lankford should not be promoted?  In fact he should be sent home with a copy of the constitution to read and study a lot more diligently if he ever wants to run for any office in the land in this author’s opinion.  Rhetoric always sounds appealing in campaign season and TV ads always look good, but the proof is in the track record of the actual recorded votes.  There it is folks.  He did it to himself.  Time to send James Lankford back to camp.

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Aquarian Conspiracy – The Third Wave – Agenda 21 – Will a Sleeping Church Awake in Time?

“But there were false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who secretly shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”  2 Peter 2:1

Are we ready to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints…” Jude 3 ?

“… for certain persons have crept in unnoticed …. “  Jude 4

The Aquarian Conspiracy: Personal and Social Transformation in Our Time (The Tarcher Cornerstone)

Dangerous times bring opportunities of all kinds—for good and evil.

What has been prepared for the Reformed church, the original American church that claims the heritage of our founding fathers?

What kind of false teachings can motivate public leaders of the left & right, and across the great pond to conspire against the Lord as the second Psalm declares ?

… leaders like Newt Gingrich, Al Gore, Tony Blair & even Sarah Palin?

“I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness agents in any place wherever I shall be; and to do my utmost to extirpate [exterminate] the heretical Protestant doctrine, and to destroy all their pretended power.” 
~Excerpt from the Jesuit Oath

The Third Way Politics and the Third Way Heresy

Recently Brannon Howse wrote an article entitled “Newt Gingrich and the Third Way.” The article stated that he believed the politics of the Third Way was connected with the New Apostolic Reformation. Although this may be true politically, there is more behind it than it appears.

To backtrack, globalists like Tony Blair, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Newt Gingrich promote “Third Way” thinking, which combines Socialism with Capitalism to create a so-called third political alternative. Also included in the article is proof that Newt is an environmentalist, and that he is friends with Alvin Toffler, author of  “Third Wave” also known as “Third Way.” Since the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) crowd has shown support of Newt, and now more recently Sarah Palin and Rick Perry, Brannon believes these charismatics to be the Third Way religion. With evidence that I found in Marilyn Ferguson’s “The Aquarian Conspiracy,” the Third Way religion is a group other than the NAR crowd, and is actually the Emergent Church.

Today’s Post: Fanatic for Jesus

Agenda 21 and It’s Wicked Intentions

Posted: 22 Nov 2012 04:31 AM PST

The John Birch Society produced the following video on the deceptive sustainability program of Agenda 21.

(YouTube link)

Much of the material contained on this video has been discussed here, except for the loss of property rights. The way this is being implemented is an invasive scheme, with a plan of Communitarian government already chipping away at the sovereignty of every country. It is surely the system of the Beast.

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For Groundbreaking Research on Communitarianism 
2020: Our Common Destiny by Niki Raapana

Special thanks to Randy Barnett (Bartlesville) for sharing this information via email.

[Editor’s note:  It has come to my attention that the blogpost Fanatics for Jesus has some erroneous postings on the site relative to the Holy Spirit in other posts which were not linked here.  Please do not take this post as endorsing the doctrinal positions of the author of that blog.  My personal testimony is as one redeemed by the blood of the lamb (flawed for sure — me not the lamb!), bible believing (cover to cover), baptized in water (dunked), baptized in the Spirit (with evidence of speaking in tongues).  Please study the word for clarification and you will see that the gifts are needed and operational today in the body of Christ.  Some churches have made the Holy Spirit unwelcome and uninvited sadly.  I suspect we are entering a time where we will come to understand that is a huge mistake.  Blessings/sc]

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Oklahoma says Get US out of UN and UN out of US — Call your Rep to make sure Message Rings Out Loud and Clear

Please call or email your Oklahoma Rep and tell them to keep the UN inspectors out of the voting process.

We need to get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US!

Armes, Don 63 R (405) 557-7307 440
Banz, Gary W. 101 R (405) 557-7395 406
Bennett, John 2 R (405) 557-7315 326
Billy, Lisa J. 42 R (405) 557-7365 302-A
Blackwell, Gus 61 R (405) 557-7384 305-A
Brown, Mike 4 D (405) 557-7408 545
Brumbaugh, David 76 R (405) 557-7347 329B
Cannaday, Ed 15 D (405) 557-7375 539-B
Casey, Dennis 35 R (405) 557-7344 300B
Christian, Mike 93 R (405) 557-7371 537-C
Cockroft, Josh 27 R (405) 557-7349 315
Condit, Donnie 18 D (405) 557-7376 500A
Coody, Ann 64 R (405) 557-7398 439
Cooksey, Marian 39 R (405) 557-7342 409
Cox, Doug 5 R (405) 557-7415 410
Dank, David 85 R (405) 557-7392 433
Denney, Lee 33 R (405) 557-7304 436
Derby, David 74 R (405) 557-7377 337
DeWitt, Dale 38 R (405) 557-7332 433
Dorman, Joe 65 D (405) 557-7305 507
Enns, John 41 R (405) 557-7321 434
Faught, George 14 R (405) 557-7310 301-A
Fourkiller, William 86 D (405) 557-7394 510B
Glenn, Larry 7 D (405) 557-7399 502
Grau, Randy 81 R (405) 557-7360 324
Hall, Elise 100 R (405) 557-7403 321
Hamilton, Rebecca 89 D (405) 557-7397 510
Hardin, Tommy 49 R (405) 557-7383 323
Hickman, Jeffrey W. 58 R (405) 557-7339 411
Hilliard, Wes 22 D (405) 557-7412 500
Hoskin, Chuck 6 D (405) 557-7319 509
House District 23 23 (405) 557-7379
House District 51 51 (405) 557-7405
House District 71 71 (405) 557-7361
House District 88 88 (405) 557-7396
Inman, Scott 94 D (405) 557-7370 548
Jackson, Mike 40 R (405) 557-7317 441
Johnson, Dennis 50 R (405) 557-7327 435
Jordan, Fred 69 R (405) 557-7331 333
Joyner, Charlie 95 R (405) 557-7314 336
Kern, Sally 84 R (405) 557-7348 304
Key, Charles 90 R (405) 557-7354 405
Kirby, Dan 75 R (405) 557-7356 334
Kouplen, Steve 24 D (405) 557-7306 546
Liebmann, Guy 82 R (405) 557-7357 331
Lockhart, James 3 D (405) 557-7413 510-B
Martin, Scott 46 R (405) 557-7329 335
Martin, Steve 10 R (405) 557-7402 330
McCullough, Mark 30 R (405) 557-7414 435-A
McDaniel, Curtis 1 D (405) 557-7363 316
McDaniel, Jeannie 78 D (405) 557-7334 508
McDaniel, Randy 83 R (405) 557-7409 302-B
McNiel, Skye 29 R (405) 557-7353 433-B
McPeak, Jerry 13 D (405) 557-7302 503
Moore, Lewis H. 96 R (405) 557-7400 329-A
Morgan, Danny 32 D (405) 557-7368 501
Morrissette, Richard 92 D (405) 557-7404 543
Mulready, Glen 68 R (405) 557-7340 338
Murphey, Jason 31 R (405) 557-7350 437
Nelson, Jason 87 R (405) 557-7335 301
Newell, Tom 28 R (405) 557-7372 328-B
Nollan, Jadine 66 R (405) 557-7390 320
Ortega, Charles 52 R (405) 557-7369 537
Osborn, Leslie 47 R (405) 557-7333 303-B
Ownbey, Pat 48 R (405) 557-7326 301
Peters, Ron 70 R (405) 557-7359 328
Peterson, Pam 67 R (405) 557-7341 303
Pittman, Anastasia 99 D (405) 557-7393 505
Proctor, Eric 77 D (405) 557-7410 540-A
Pruett, R. C. 19 D (405) 557-7382 542
Quinn, Marty 9 R (405) 557-7380 300-C
Renegar, Brian 17 D (405) 557-7381 504
Reynolds, Mike 91 R (405) 557-7337 301-B
Richardson, Phil 56 R (405) 557-7401 438
Ritze, Mike 80 R (405) 557-7338 300-A
Roan, Paul D. 20 D (405) 557-7308 540
Roberts, Dustin 21 R (405) 557-7366 319
Roberts, Sean 36 R (405) 557-7322 322
Rousselot, Wade 12 D (405) 557-7388 314
Russ, Todd 55 R (405) 557-7312 300
Sanders, Mike 59 R (405) 557-7407 536
Schwartz, Colby 43 R (405) 557-7352 329
Scott, Seneca 72 D (405) 557-7391 539
Sears, Earl 11 R (405) 557-7358 432-D
Shannon, T. W. 62 R (405) 557-7374 328-A
Shelton, Mike 97 D (405) 557-7367 539
Sherrer, Ben 8 D (405) 557-7364 500
Shoemake, Jerry 16 D (405) 557-7373 506
Shumate, Jabar 73 D (405) 557-7406 510
Steele, Kris 26 R (405) 557-7345 401
Stiles, Aaron 45 R (405) 557-7386 338
Terrill, Randy 53 R (405) 557-7346 407
Thomsen, Todd 25 R (405) 557-7336 408
Trebilcock, John 98 R (405) 557-7362 404
Vaughan, Steve 37 R (405) 557-7355 305
Virgin, Emily 44 D (405) 557-7323 539-B
Walker, Purcy D. 60 D (405) 557-7311 541
Watson, Weldon 79 R (405) 557-7330 302
Wesselhoft, Paul 54 R (405) 557-7343 332
Williams, Cory T. 34 D (405) 557-7411 544
Wright, Harold 57 R (405) 557-7325 400-B

Special thanks to the JBS for shouting this message for years and to Hugh Smith of Oklahoma for the contact list!

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Clouds Over America Conference in OKC – January 22-23

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them
Clouds Over America 2
partial repost from recent OCPAC newsletter:

JANUARY 22ND & 23RD – OKC AREA –  Just another reminder about this year’s Clouds Over America Conference to be held on Friday afternoon through Saturday morning on the above mentioned dates. This will possibly be the most important and substantive conference held in the state of Oklahoma this year.  I want to urge everyone to make an effort to make it a priority to attend.

For more information and reservations, please call (405) 348-9991 weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

Additional info for pastors:

Pastors & their wives are both welcome at no charge with reservations made through Reclaiming OK for Christ , Fairview Baptist Church @ 405-348-1745.  Meals included Friday evening & Saturday morning.  Out of town pastors’ room accomodations are also provided free of charge.

That Freedom Shall Not Perish!

Originally  posted January 4, 2010

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