Hats and a Trip down Memory Lane — Happy Father’s Day

Hats fav

Most of these were my dad’s hats and not even his favorite — that would be the golf hats and the Stetson (aka Ten Gallon hat pictured below). Trouble with that one is my mom wouldn’t let him wear it much. But he loved it and so did I. So every now and then he would put it on for me. Wish I had one of those pics, but the memories will have to do.

The gold hat in the center was of course my mom’s. She had a black one with a veil with a very special dress given to a friend for a party years ago. The hat that says Nassau, we insisted dad buy when we vacationed in Nassau in the Bahamas one year. It wasn’t really his style, but he wore hats all the time and of course we thought he needed one for the trip.

Just the thought of Nassau brings back a flood of good memories on the beach and with family. Some of the best beaches in the world there! I particularly like the ones with no waves and there were plenty of those there. I remember discovering the casinos where I put in a quarter and nothing happened. That was the beginning and the end of my gambling career.

Here is the infamous Ten Gallon Hat and the original box.

Ten Gallon Hat - DadsTen Gallon Hat in original box



Stetson Hat Advertising 1924

I did a little research and the Ten Gallon Hat was actually just one style of the Stetson hats. Here is one of their classic ads from 1924. Apparently it didn’t have to do with holding ten gallons of water but something about how many hat bands it would hold from galon in Spanish.

“Most experts argue that the name “10-gallon hat” is actually an import from south of the border. Cattle drivers and ranchers in Texas and the Southwest often crossed paths with Mexican vaqueros who sported braided hatbands—called “galóns” in Spanish—on their sombreros. A “10 galón” sombrero was a hat with a large enough crown that it could hold 10 hatbands, but American cowboys may have anglicized the word to “gallon” and started referring to their own sombrero-inspired headgear as “10-gallon hats.”

For more on this topic see story and some great pics of days gone by here.


I miss you both Mom and Dad! Thanks for being wonderful parents and for all the good memories. Till we meet again~Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Hats and a Trip Down Memory Lane


One Great Thing about Having a Blog? Being able to Embarrass Your Nephew on His Birthday!

Richard Byron Caswell (1985) in England

Was he cute or what?

Sorry folks hope you aren’t too disappointed, but only the family gets to see the naked baby pics!

He’s all grown up now and married to his sweetheart Tracy and building his first house.  He’s a bit of a genius (yes it runs in the family) and has a great sense of humor (yes that does too) and gifted musically (this is where the resemblance drops off) and in sports (and completely disappears here).  He’s really rather special, but don’t tell him I told you that.   I don’t get to see him often enough.  We share a love for computer gadgets and Far Side type Humor and even Dr. Who.

Caswell – Crosnoe Family Tree for our Little Lord Byron

Here’s a little about the family tree and yes Daniel Boone is in there somewhere, but even the family cannot agree exactly where.  You see, Boone was my mom’s maiden name.  Byron is a true blue Caswell.  I have to remind him now and again about his Crosnoe heritage and Boone well that is way off the radar.  But he does know how much his grandparents and aunt (ant) on that side of the tree love him.  At least I hope he does and remind him now and again with something like this post!

Anyway, squirt,  I do hope you have a special day and get everything you want that you don’t  already have (a very short list to be sure!).  But the best things in life don’t come in a box or even in the mail.  So I am sending you a smile mixed with a lot of love and a prayer for His blessings to be upon you this day and always!

Happy Birthday Byron!

Far Side 1985 flashback with Gary Larson


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