The ‘Absurdity’ of Gun Free Zones


 *** How to create your own gun free zone! ***

crop this sign and put one in your yard or business…

    watch this video to see how well it works!

Published on Jan 11, 2013

via 1/2 Hour News Hour/Fox News

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My favorite comment there via Yartap:

Another new door or yard sign:

Due to the price increase on Ammunition….
Thank You for your understanding.

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For more information on the right to keep and bear arms, I recommend Gun Owners of America and OK2A and OKGrassroots in Oklahoma.

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Gun Free Zone Signs for Un-Armed Homes and Businesses to Post

Special thanks to Porter Davis for this one and for the delightful thread of comments on facebook here >>>

Porter says “For people who would feel safer if guns were banned,

I have some of these stickers you can wear or yard signs for your home.”

Thanks to Richard Robinson for this one which illustrates why public schools

are among the most dangerous places on the planet!  (for more reasons than guns sadly).

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