Leadership through Service – attend your precinct meeting on or about January 27th

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This information is specifically for Oklahoma friends and neighbors who are Republicans:

Just a quick note to prepare now for your precinct meetings in Oklahoma. They will most likely be on January 27th some where near where you live. Call your GOP county chair to find out the exact time and location of the meeting and volunteer to serve on a committee when you call. If you don’t know who your county chairman is, shame on you, you should and all the more reason to call and introduce yourself. You must be registered as a Republican to participate in the precinct meetings – duh?!? I love this rule, seems like Republicans should make the rules for the Republican party don’t you think!

There is a flier with some suggestions and some additional information posted on R3publicans website. If you have sample resolutions that you would like to share with others, send them to me and I’ll try to figure out a good way to post them for all to see and share. Be prepared to serve in a leadership role in your precinct, because all are needed to restore the republic! We must reenergize and reinvigorate our party and get back to our core beliefs of limited government and protecting the rights of all!

Be a servant leader in your community and for our party in 2009 and beyond!


Note:  I met the most wonderful lady at our meeting in OKC recently who is a Senator (D) opposing the Real ‘dangerous’ ID legislation.  If you are a Democrat, please consider linking up with Sen Constance Johnson and visiting about what needs to be done on the other side of the aisle.  I am told that their precinct meetings are sometime in March.  At the end of the day it is about people of principle doing the right thing and treating each other fairly isn’t it!?


Ron Paul Grassroots Docum3ntary Pre-Teaser Trailer

Congressman Ron Paul’s run for the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination sparked a unique grassroots brush fire not seen in recent history. Ron Paul’s integrity inspired and ended the apathy of many, which showed a large remnant of a belief in American liberty lives on.An effort is currently underway to document this historical political insurgen…

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Victories in the 2008 Oklahoma Republican Platform | Freeople

I would wager that due to the hard work of so many on the Platform Committee, we have the most R3VOLUTIONary state party platform in America!

Editor’s note: I only wish the national platform just passed in Minneapolis were as good as the Oklahoma document. Good work Oklahoma team!

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GOP distributes toolbar with spyware

The GOP is distributing a toolbar that is supposed to help generate revenue. It seems however that the toolbar does more than they are telling you. Quickly running the files through VirusTotal shows multiple suspicious files.

Why bother with covert surveillance when all you need to do is send out a download. But why spy on their own members?

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New Gang of 14 won’t back McCain

By Kristen Coulter and Bob Cusack

At least 14 Republican members of Congress have refused to endorse or publicly support Sen. John McCain for president, and more than a dozen others declined to answer whether they back the Arizona senator.

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