Dr Chuck Baldwin: We Need A Revolution, Not A Movement

The elections of 2008 (and the early elections of 2010) produced two significant phenomena: the “Ron Paul Revolution,” and the “Tea Party Movement.” And, mark it down: both of them will have profound effects upon the upcoming November elections–and upon the 2012 elections as well. Call them what you want, however, America doesn’t need another movement; it needs a genuine revolution.

The Tea Party movement, while still a force with which to be contended, has already been diluted and compromised. The primary elections plainly reveal the reality of this fact. The high spots so far are the defeats of Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Bob Bennett in Utah. The low spots so far are the reelection of John McCain in Arizona and the election of Dan Coats in Indiana.

John McCain’s election, in particular, demonstrates how many conservatives and “revolutionaries” still don’t get it. If any State in the union should have an up-close-and-personal look at what we are up against, it would be the people of Arizona. After all, they are on the front lines in the fight of one of the most important battles currently being waged in our country: illegal immigration. And John McCain is one of the worst offenders in terms of facilitating and encouraging this illegal invasion. Yet the people of Arizona reelected McCain to the US Senate. (It would interesting to know how many illegal aliens voted for McCain, would it not?)

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The “Black Regiment” was a group of patriot-preachers from virtually every protestant denomination located throughout Colonial America at the time of America’s fight for independence who courageously preached the Biblical principles of liberty and independence. The moniker stems from the tendency of these patriot-preachers to wear long, black robes in their pulpits.

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[Editor’s note: You may want to ask yourself as you watch the Beck/Faux phenomenom play out who originated the Black Robe Regiment of our day and when that actually occurred. I would suggest that the history is here and you will see that it is Dr. Chuck Baldwin. Our movement has firm foundations and solid biblical backing if we won’t be pulled off center by Rupert Murdoch and his globalist friends!]


Take the Test Yourself: BUSH or OBAMA? Can 8-28 DC rally-goers match spending facts with the right president?

The BA team breezed through the big 8-28 rallies in Washington, DC to test the government spending IQ of participants. Below are the questions asked in the video and the answers (with sources). But don’t spoil the fun: first watch the video and test yourself.

(1) Q: Bush or Obama? This president spent a record-breaking $3 trillion in a single year.
A: Both. In 2008, Bush was the first president to spend $3 trillion in a single year. According to White House estimates, Obama will spend $3.6 trillion in 2010 and $3.8 trillion in 2011.

(2) Q: Bush or Obama? This president bailed out hundreds of large banks and corporations.
A: Both. Obama carried out Bush’s unpopular $700 billion bailout for failing corporations. Together, the presidents have bailed out over 600 businesses since Spring 2008. Source:http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/…

(3) Q: Bush or Obama? This president spent billions of taxpayer dollars on “stimulus” spending during a recession.
A: Both. In 2008, Bush spent over $100 billion on rebates to stimulate consumer spending – his second attempt at using spending as stimulus. In 2009, Obama enacted a $814 billion stimulus package. Sources: http://useconomy.about.com/od/fiscalp… http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/117xx/doc1…

(4) Q: Bush or Obama? This President increased spending by many times the rate of inflation across most non-defense categories.
A: Both. Contrary to popular belief, defense and homeland security spending only made up about 40 percent of Bush’s new spending.  He increased spending across most non-defense categories (such as education, Medicare, income security) by four to six times the rate of inflation. In Obama’s first half year in office, many of these budgets rose another 70 percent. Source:http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/defau…

(5) Q: Bush or Obama? This president passed an expensive healthcare bill.
A: Both. In 2003, George Bush signed into law Medicare Part D, which cost hundreds of billions of dollars. As you probably know, President Obama also enacted an expensive healthcare package earlier this year (though cost estimates vary considerably). Source:http://www.forbes.com/2009/11/19/repu…

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