Recipe Treasures – Crosnoe to Caswell

Recipe Treasures — Crosnoe to Caswell

Christmas 2010-2011

Good times, good food, good memories. This book of recipe treasures through the years touches the lives of the Crosnoes, the Caswells, the Periellos and yes even the Boones. The recipes are there as well as the stories and the memories will float back to those who were there. The rest of you will have to create your own! Blessings/sc

Table of Contents

1 title page (Christmas 2010-2011)

2 disclaimer – no copyright page

3 table of contents (no page numbers)

Appetizer:s & Salads

4 Cheese Balls – Sharp

5 Cheese Balls – Blue Cheese

6 Grapefruit/Avocado Salad

7 Pimento Cheese Sandwich/Spread

8 Tomato Aspic

9 Basil Bruschetta Trio

10 Tomato Confit

11 Fennel Dip

12 Hummus with Endive

Vegetable Dishes: 

13 Fried Green Tomatoes

14 Frosted Green Beans

15 Potato Salad – Dad & Mom (team effort)

16 Shoepeg Corn Casserole

17 Sweet Potatoes

18 Dillicious Green Beans

19 Chicken Orzo Pasta Soup

20 Chicken Tortilla Soup

Main Dishes:

21 Frito Chili Salad – family affair

22 Meat Loaf

23 Oysters Ernie

24 Smoked Turkey – Greenbergs!  (but Dad’s smoked turkeys were good too) marinate note added!

25 Sole Meuniere

26 Prosciutto Roasted Bass with Autumn Vegetables

27 Chicken Piccata


28 Idiot Proof Breads

29 Cherry Pie (Red Ball Cake Story)

30 Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

31 Lemon Snowballs

32 Pineapple Cookies recipes

33 Cinnamon Rolls (formerly titled Sticky Buns) – (story of Caswell traditions)

34 Vira’s Coconut Cream Pie

35 French Silk Pie

36 closing

The entire book is available for free on Scribd (embedded below)

You can download it here >>>

It is available to order in book format on Picaboo for preview here >>>

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