The Results are in for Washington County Precinct Chairs — on to the County Convention

Meeting held at Elks Lodge in Bartlesville January 20th.  Several people tried to attend but were unable to find the building.  There are also some issues with how the meeting was called and if enough advance notice was given.  I have made a formal verbal (but witnessed) request to the chair for a copy of the executive committee members.  Another precinct chair has made a written request for the minutes of the executive committee meetings.  We’ll see what is produced and if it is done so timely.  It appears that Mike Dunlap plans to run for chair at the county convention.  That seems like a bit of a conflict of interest to me because he already holds an elective office.  It remains to be seen if the grassroots will permit such a thing to occur.

Anyway you may be able to add your name to the county convention list by contacting your precinct chair and letting them know of your interest so that they can turn your name in.  There is some discussion over the appropriate cutoff for that to occur, but suffice it to say if you don’t ask it sure won’t happen!

Apparently all the committees were set without input from the county committee once again, because we haven’t met in ages.  If I find out who is chairing the committees and when they are meeting I will let you know.  Right now it appears a precinct chair doesn’t need to know that information in this county.

Here are the results of the precinct officer selections from our meetings this week.

Washington County GOP Precinct Officers 2015

Washington County Republican Convention:

The Washington County Republican Party Convention will also be held at the Elks Lodge on February 21st with registration starting at 12 noon.

(Elks Lodge Address: 1060 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006)  Be sure you do a practice run on finding this if you don’t know because the name isn’t on the building and the street isn’t labeled, but a longtime resident will have no problem.  I sure hope we get better at welcoming newcomers and making things easier and following the rules and keeping things grassroots not top-down.  Ah well, I can dream can’t I?!


Information below from previous post about precinct meetings.  

Additional links and references that may be of interest.


Washington County Precinct Map in Oklahoma:

Washington County PCT Map


Here is another way to find your precinct information:  Voter registration info – polling place and more

I got an email from one of the party officers the other day that our meetings in Washington County have been scheduled.  Here are the meeting details; and remember you must be registered Republican to participate in the Republican party meetings:

The Washington County Republican Party will be holding their Biennial Precinct Meetings on Tuesday January 20th at 7 pm at the Elks Lodge in Bartlesville,  OK.  (Elks Lodge Address: 1060 Swan Drive, Bartlesville, OK 74006)

The Washington County Republican Party Convention will also be held at the Elks Lodge on February 21st with registration starting at 12 noon.

The party rules are here>>>

The party platform is here>>>

If you plan to bring resolutions to submit for consideration, please bring at least 3 copies!

Sandra Crosnoe

Washington County Republican Precinct Chair – Precinct 28


References:  The Official Call for the 2015 Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention

Sample OKGrassroots Resolutions from previous years here — and more!

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