Trump Accepts Nomination – Here’s the Plan

trump nominatedTonight in Cleveland Donald Trump accepted the Republican nomination.  He wasn’t my first choice, but I don’t care much for Gary Johnson and cannot stand Hillary Clinton.  That said, I watched the acceptance speech and thought it would be good to have a record of ‘The Plan’ he rolled out tonight and some tidbits along the way.

Also for any who were supposed to watch and didn’t for summer school, maybe you will find my notes helpful.  Or of course you can watch approximately 4 hours of speeches here on youtube:

(approximately 4 hours long and over 2 million views at time of posting)

Donald J Trump’s – Acceptance of Nomination Speech (my rough notes)

July 21, 2016

The Plan

  • Put America first
  • Americanism not globalism will be our credo
  • American people will come first
  • Safety at home
  • Law and order
  • Rebuild America – jobs and economy
  • Big business major donors media not happy – losing control (cronyism at work)
  • Things must change and now
  • Horrible Trade deals forgotten people – no longer
  • No patience for injustice
  • Great police
  • No tolerance for government injustice
  • Corruption will not be tolerated in administration (example HC – careless / negligent / crimes)
  • Nobody knows the system better than me – I can fix it starting with bad trade deals (reaching out to Bernie Sanders) to bring fairness and justice to all Americans
  • Suspend immigration from suspect terrorist countries until vetting mechanisms in place
  • We will build a great border wall to stop illegal immigration to stop the drugs and gangs from pouring in – enforcement from border control officers (ending catch and release programs)
  • Overstaying visas will stop
  • Americans will wake up in a country where the laws are enforced – considerate and compassionate to everyone but greatest compassion will be for our own!
  • Oath of office
  • Will make country rich again with the greatest business people in the world – bad trade agreements will be turned into great trade agreements
  • Will bring back jobs to this country undoing NAFTA ramifications
  • Reform of tax laws – largest tax reduction of any candidate this year / simplified for everyone!
  • Regulations – ending excessive regulations fast by lifting restrictions on production of energy (steel workers and miners going back to work again)
  • Millions of more jobs
  • Rescue kids by sending them to a safe school of their choice
  • Repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare – chose your own doctor again
  • We will fix TSA at the airports which is a total disaster
  • We will work with student debt and take the pressure off
  • We will rebuild our depleted military (big cheer)
  • Countries we are protecting will be asked to pay their fair share
  • We will take care of our veterans like they have never been taken care of before. Those who served will be able to see the doctor of their choice with no waiting
  • We will eliminate wasteful spending in first 100 days
  • Appoint justices who will uphold laws and constitution
  • Replacement of Scalia will be someone of similar philosophy
  • Endorsed by NRA – supports second amendment
  • Evangelicals – thanks (undeserved and appreciated) – very sincere – speaking your minds in your own pulpits / will work hard to repeal that language without threat of tax exempt status
  • Start believing – America is back bigger and better and stronger than before

There were approx 193k viewers on RNC channel 10:25 approx

Closing: I am with you; I will fight for you; and I will win for you!  We will make America strong again, proud again, and GREAT again. God bless you, I love you and good night!

Fireworks outside and balloon drop inside for about 5 minutes 10:36P

Rolling Stones music background – You don’t always get what you want; You get what you need…

These things were mentioned in the midst of the list above:

Vice President – Mike Pence of Indiana
Christian – Conservative – Republican (in that order)

Kudos to all of his family – specially the ones who spoke at the convention

Task – to liberate USA from crime and terrorism in our communities — because an attack on law enforcement is an attack on all Americans.  We must restore law and order – will work with and appoint best and brightest to get the job properly done (side shot to Rudy Guliani)

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Trump Accepts Nomination – Here’s the Plan


My Congressman Jim Bridenstine — April Newsletter and Recent Votes — working to stop ObamaCare ASAP!

bridenstine200300April 2013

From the desk of Congressman Jim Bridenstine:

Restoring fiscal responsibility to Washington is one of the most urgent matters facing our nation. We must start living within our means and on a budget.  That is why I voted in favor of the conservative budget offered by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin that would balance in ten years. Moving toward a point where federal spending does not exceed federal revenue will spur economic growth and real job creation. Such a plan is an immeasurable improvement over our current path of ever increasing debt and economic decline.
Washington, specifically the United States Senate, has not done its job of passing a budget for the last four years, so the federal government is forced to operate on a series of so-called “Continuing Resolutions” (CR) instead.  A CR keeps the government running but, just as the name implies, continues “spending as usual” rather than providing a path to fiscal responsibility. I saw the latest CR as the last, best opportunity to stop the wasteful and increasingly unpopular ObamaCare program in its tracks before it is actually imposed. No one in the House fought harder than me to stop ObamaCare.  I voted against the CR since it included full funding to implement ObamaCare, and moving forward I will work to defund, dismantle, and repeal ObamaCare at every opportunity.
Jim’s Recent Votes:
Keep track of how your Representative has voted for the month of March.
You may click on each vote to read the details of what was voted on.
3-4       H.R.307        No
3-5       H.R.688        Yea
3-5       H.R.338        Yea
3-6       H.R.933        No
3-12     H.R.1035      Yea
3-13     H.R.890        No
3-15     H.R.803        No
3-19     H.RES115     Yea
3-20     H.RES25     Yea
3-21     H.R.933        No

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Congressman Bridenstine Town Halls in Owasso, Bixby and Dewey Feb 18-21

Congressman Jim Bridenstine To Hold A Series Of Town Halls

bridenstine200300February 18th, 19th, and 21st, 2013

What: Congressman Jim Bridenstine (OK-1) will hold a series of town hall meetings next week in Owasso, Bixby and Dewey.

Who: Congressman Jim Bridenstine represents Oklahoma’s First Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He is a Navy pilot and combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and lives with his wife Michelle and their three children Walker (6), Sarah (4), and Grant (1) in Tulsa, OK. Bridenstine graduated from Rice University with degrees in economics, business and psychology. After college, he joined the Navy and became a pilot, flying combat missions off the USS Abraham Lincoln in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Southern Watch in Iraq, and Operation Shock and Awe in Iraq. Later, he transitioned to the F-18 Hornet fighter at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, the parent command to TOPGUN, where he flew “Red Air” and was also an instructor.

Why: The focus of the town hall meetings will be to discuss the recent events in Washington D.C. with constituents of the First District and to address the questions and concerns of the attendees.

Who Should Attend: First District Constituents

When and Where:

Monday, 2/18/13, 6:30pm at the Bailey Ranch Clubhouse, 10105 Larkin Bailey Blvd, Owasso, Oklahoma 74055;

Tuesday, 2/19/13, 6:30pm at the Bixby Public Library, 20 E Breckenridge Ave, Bixby, OK 74008;

Thursday, 2/21/13, 6:30pm at the Tyler Memorial Library, 821 N. Shawnee Ave, Dewey, OK 74029


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Reblog — The 2012 Elections: A Death Knell for the Christian Right by Kevin Swanson

The 2012 Elections:
A Death Knell for the Christian Right

By Kevin Swanson

Well, the dust has cleared on the Obama agenda. After four years of Barack Obama’s presidency, we have socialist medicine through mandated insurance, more government-funded abortions, and about $4 trillion of extra debt. Knowing this, I’m apparently supposed to vote for the Other Guy. Never mind the fact that George W. Bush left office with a 1.5 trillion dollar budget deficit (inflation adjusted), and it was his appointee to the Supreme Court who gave the final push to Obama’s socialist medicine plan.

I am told to set all this aside in this election and to endorse the Other Guy for President — the latest elephant in the room. He must be better — but why? I am offered reasons for supporting the Other Guy, and here they are:

(1). The Other Guy is a Mormon, and everybody knows that Mormons are better than Muslims. Clearly, not all Muslims or Mormons are polygamists. Then again, it is possible that President Obama has cooled on his “Muslim faith.” Or maybe the Other Guy has lapsed with his “Mormon faith.” If Mormons or Muslims led the nation for a hundred years, where would we be? I wonder. Suffice it to say, I’m not convinced that Mormons are better than Muslims.

(2). Everybody knows that Republican presidents are more conservative fiscally than Democrat presidents. This may be true in the minds of Republicans who enjoy listening to Republican rhetoric. I know. I know. Most conservatives do not want to be confused with the data. But here it is.

Annualized Growth in Spending:

  • Reagan — first term — 8.7%
  • Reagan — second term — 4.9%
  • Bush I — 5.4%
  • Clinton — first term — 3.2%
  • Clinton — second term — 3.9%
  • Bush 2 — first term — 7.3%
  • Bush 2 — second term — 8.1%
  • Obama — 1.4%[1]

1. Source:

Read more here >>>

[Editor’s note:  What is missing from this data is the future cost of legislation such as Obamacare and entitlement spending./sc]

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Value of $1 Federal Reserve Note in 1913 Dollars

Value of $1 Federal Reserve Note in 1913 Dollars

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics

sometimes a picture says it all….

Now let’s imagine if the graphic had gone on to 2012 and speculate if there is anything left or if it has actually gone negative now.  Why yes we know that it has since we are $16 Trillion in debt now…

So how much paper do you have?  How much do you have in real commodities?

Or are you in debt too?

Wake up America!

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Preliminary Returns Indicate that Fiscal Sanity has Reigned In Bartlesville BISD Spending — For Now!

Fiscal sanity reigns in Bartlesville — both bonds failed to achieve 60% margin to ‘pass’; there is still much work to be done to get our house in order so that all levels of government learn to live within their means. The school board needs to make some operational changes and listen to the people or they will need to be replaced in the days ahead.

Detail returns available here: Bartlesville voters say ‘no’ to school bond propositions | Examiner Enterprise, Bartlesville

Bartlesville voters say ‘no’ to school bond propositions

The community rejected both Bartlesville Public School District bond propositions, while Copan’s proposition passed with overwhelming community support.

Voters told the Bartlesville Public School District to go back to the drawing board on its plan to build a new sixth and seventh grade center and reconfigure the grades at the secondary levels.

According to unofficial election results, only 49.54 — 2,531 people — percent voted for the $48 million proposition, while 50.46 percent — 2,578 people — voted against the proposal.

School bond proposals require a 60 percent majority to pass.

The community also voted down a proposition that would have allowed the district to spend $1.5 million on transportation, including new buses. Over half of the voters — 54.36 percent — voted for the proposition, but it still fell shy of the 60 percent approval rate needed to pass it.


Thank you to an ever vigilant Bartlesville Community and Grassroots Bartlesville for keeping the facts in front of the people.  It will require much work to force all levels of government to make cuts and shrink the size and scope of government so that the private sector can thrive and grow.

I also recommend two specific changes which would dramatically improve the process:

1)  Support and pass the legislation being recommended by Rep Josh Cockroft to force this type of elections be voted on when other matters are already scheduled and on the ballot.  We should follow Rep Josh Cockroft’s recommendation that we combine these types of school bond elections with other more major elections so that they come under more scrutiny from more voters.  We could also avoid the expense of a ‘special’ election attended by low voter awareness and turnout. If everyone is going to end up paying more in taxes, then let’s make sureeveryone gets an opportunity to vote at a time when they normally do so on other matters.  Rep. Josh Cockroft of McCloud says he believes changing the date of the elections would increase voter participation. Cockroft says if schools are to improve, the entire community should be involved in their futures.  Currently, school board elections are held on the second Tuesday in February or on the date of the presidential primary.

More about this legislative recommendation were here >>> (this link is no longer active)

New link with bill numbers here >>>

2)  Enable/require public utilities in the area to provide public service release(s) of ballot wording well in advance of ALL elections.  No taxing entity should be able to even attempt to pass tax increases with only certain segments of the tax base being made aware of the changes impacting everyone in the area.  Openness and transparency in government is needed at all levels.

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Vote Reminder: Just say NO on BISD bond election on Tuesday February 14th and save taxpayers a cool $50 Million! « Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Washington County: Let’s Say No to Proposed School Bond on Feb 14th and Send Board Back to the Drawing Boards « Finding Gems & Sharing Them

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Washington County: Let’s Say No to Proposed School Bond on Feb 14th and Send Board Back to the Drawing Boards

A resolution authorizing an election for Bartlesville Independent School District was passed on December 8, 2011. It set an election date for said propositions for February 14, 2012. Here is a copy of that resolution:

In case the embed code above doesn’t work in your browser here is a link >>>Link to Resolution on Scribd

I am of the opinion that we need to just say no to this entire bonded indebtedness authorizing lots more money to be spent in a time where we should be trimming fat and living within our means. It is not the time to be spending more of the taxpayers hard earned money rather than simply using existing resources. I agree with Angel Box in her comments below that we need to send the board ‘back to the drawing boards.’ Please read her comments, write a letter of your own, and be ready to just say no at the polls on Feb 14th.

I also recommend that we follow Rep Josh Cockroft’s recommendation that we combine these types of school bond elections with other more major elections so that they come under more scrutiny from more voters.  We could also avoid the expense of a ‘special’ election attended by low voter awareness and turnout. If everyone is going to end up paying more in taxes, then let’s make sure everyone gets an opportunity to vote at a time when they normally do so on other matters.

Rep. Josh Cockroft of McCloud says he believes changing the date of the elections would increase voter participation. Cockroft says if schools are to improve, the entire community should be involved in their futures.

Currently, school board elections are held on the second Tuesday in February or on the date of the presidential primary.

Quote source and more about this legislative recommendation here >>>

We need to tell the school board over and over again to get budgets in order and quit asking for more money in a time where most of us are reducing expenditures and cutting back!  It doesn’t take more money to educate children.  It requires better management of existing resources.

Please consider writing your own letter and visiting with friends and neighbors about this important issue.  We just spent a bunch of money on an unnecessary roundabout.  Let’s make sure all options to reduce costs in a declining economy are being considered and our families are not being saddled with debt levels that are unsustainable.  It just makes good common sense.  That is the way my household functions and I am sure yours does to.  I am reducing costs at present, not increasing them!


Send them back to the drawing boards on Feb 14th

Every fifteen or twenty years our school board comes up with a bond that needs to be voted down. This is one of those years! There are a few good ideas in the bond, like replacing the portables at Kane, but many more bad ones.

Why we should vote ‘no’ on February 14th

*  the grade configuration. Two of the massive changes in configuration are not in the best interests of the students

* the future. Building a new larger school at the Madison location will lock us in to this problematic configuration (see below).

Bad ideas in the bond

*  closing Central to students – and spending $2.5 million to retrofit Central for administration.

*  consolidating  all the 6th and 7th graders in a new larger building at the Madison location

*  consolidating  all  8th and 9th graders at the Mid High building

Why these are bad ideas:

The Mid High (the current 9th and 10th grade center) has never worked well because there are too many students – nearly a thousand – of similar ages in one place. This bond gets rid of that arrangement but replaces it with two more! A 6th and 7th grade center and a 8th and 9th grade center. We’ll be doubling the “Mid High effect”.

We lament that our children grow up too fast and yet we keep pushing them.  First they took the 6th graders out of their small neighborhood schools and sent them to the larger middle schools. Now they want to send the 6th graders to an even larger school which, for half of them, is much farther from their homes (increasing busing distances and costs).  Studies show that the younger the child, the better he or she does in smaller schools closer to home. This is especially true of the disadvantaged. A parent from the west side said once “our kids do fine through Central but we lose them when they are sent over to the mid high.”  …and these were 9th graders.

Less expensive options that get rid of the problematic Mid High configuration:

*  use Madison as a 9th grade center for the time being. We would have a more manageable number of students (half) coming together for the first time from both sides of town. We could tear down Madison and build a new smaller 9th grade center there in the future unless we decide to build the 9th grade center at the High School campus. There is room there.

*  move the Madison students into the Mid High building

*  move  the 10th  grade into a new wing at high school location. (this is a plan conceived by Marta Manning twenty years ago)

*  move administration to the Mid High building – plenty of room there

The Board can come back with a better bond within months.

For now……send them back to the drawing boards!

Special thanks to Angela Box for her thoughts above on the upcoming ‘Annual School Election’ set for February 14th.


For more information on School Bond and Tax Elections in Oklahoma.

Information on Annual School Election from State Election Board:

Annual School Election February 14, 2012
Annual School Runoff Election April 3, 2012

Board of Education Filing Packet
Contains the required Declaration of Candidacy form, filing instructions and more
Proof of Identity for Voting
Facts about the law, acceptable forms of identification

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