The Life of Jesus – a Timing Study by Clint Young

The Life of Jesus – a Timing Study
by Clint Young- 1/1/2019

The life of Jesus is of great importance. Soon Jesus will return and do away with this corrupt system of men replacing it with a new world of true peace and safety. This timing study will give the reader a better understanding of where we are in the prophetic time line.

The timing of Jesus’ ministry is important towards better understanding the timing of these last days we now live in. Jesus mentioned 3 days as recorded in Luke 13:32. He said he would cast out devils and do cures for 2 days. Then on the third day he would be perfected. I believe that these 3 days were speaking of 1000 year days. If so, then Jesus would and will cast out devils and do cures for 2000 years from the time he made this statement. Then on the last 1000 years Jesus would be perfected. Jesus will come again and rule the Earth providing mankind a period of perfect peace and harmony for a 1000 years. I believe this is the day of perfection mentioned in Luke 13:32.

To better understand the time we are now in as of 2019, I have presented a time progression study of the life of Jesus. Each date and event is listed with care to make sure it best fits with all the scriptures regarding Jesus. Some place the date of the birth of Jesus around 4 BC based upon the proposed death date of Herod the Great being 4 BC. Using the date of Herod’s assumed death to pinpoint Jesus’ birth is quite confusing. For one there were 3 different Herods in Jesus’ time. If the first Herod, Herod the Great, did indeed die at 4 BC and was the same Herod that died causing Joseph to return to Israel from Egypt, then Jesus would have been much older at the time of his baptism than the 30 years old as clearly defined by Luke 3:23

Luke 3:23 “And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,”

A much better approach to determine when Jesus was born is to look where the greatest accuracy can be found. For his day the best documented person was Tiberius Caesar. Much better historical documentation can be found surrounding the life of Tiberius Caesar compared to any of the minor rulers of that day, such as Herod. Luke 3: 1-2 defines that the ministry of John the Baptist began on the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar. This was the year 29 AD according to historical records. Looking at the year John the Baptist began his ministry, the age of Jesus when he was baptized by John the Baptist, and the most likely crucifixion date of Jesus, the year of Jesus’ birth that best fits this documentation is 1 AD. From that date the following date and event progression is listed within the best accuracy I can provide at this time.

1 AD – Jesus is born on Passover day of 1 AD.
1 AD to 3 AD – Herod attempts to have Jesus killed by murdering all the boys under the age of 2 in Bethlehem and surrounding regions.
1 AD to 3 AD – Joseph flees to Egypt with Mary and Jesus.
8 AD to 10 AD – Joseph returns to Israel after he hears that Herod is dead. Joseph takes his family to Galilee.
29 AD – The ministry of John the Baptist begins. This date is based upon the historical records of Caesar Tiberius which are the most accurate for that time.
31 AD – John baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River. Jesus began to be about 30 years old when he was baptized according to Luke 3:23
31 AD – Jesus’ ministry begins 40 days after he is baptized by John and lasts until 34 AD. This is a total time of about 3 years.
34 AD – Jesus is crucified on the 4th day of the week (Wednesday) March 23, 34 AD. Jesus remains in the tomb 3 full days and nights after being placed into the tomb by Joseph of Arimathea. Between 29 AD and 36 AD, only two years had a Passover on the 4th day of the week.  That is the year 31 AD and year 34 AD. The year 31 AD would not allow enough time for the ministry of Jesus to occur from his baptism until his crucifixion. Below are listed important considerations in determining when Jesus was crucified.
Important considerations in Determining when Jesus was Crucified:
1.  Jesus’ ministry did not begin until after John the Baptist’s ministry began. John the Baptist’s ministry began in the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar ( Luke 3:1-3) which was 29 AD. This date is well defined by historical records. Being the most documented man of his time, using the 15th year of Tiberius Caesar brings about greater accuracy for the timing of events surrounding Jesus’ life.
2.  Pontus Pilate was governor of Judea until 36 AD Since Jesus was tried by Pontus Pilate, the latest date that he could have been crucified was 36 A.D.
3.  The broad range of years when Jesus’ crucifixion may have occurred were from 31 AD to 36 AD
4.  The beginning of this range of years, 29 AD, is not possible because Jesus’ ministry lasted around 3 years.
5.  Jesus was crucified and died on Passover day.
6.  Jesus being crucified on the 4th day of the week and being placed into the tomb late on the 4th day to the early part of the 5th day allows a full 3 days and nights for Jesus’ body to be in the tomb before he arose. Jesus’ crucifixion is commonly defined as occurring on Friday because he was crucified the evening just before a Sabbath. However, the referred to Sabbath coming just after the crucifixion is not defining a weekly Sabbath. It was defining the first day of the Feast of the Unleavened Bread which is always a Sabbath. This Sabbath occurs immediately after the day of Passover day every year.

Those who do not take into consideration the Sabbath of the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread are always trying to place Jesus’ crucifixion on Friday. But doing so violates the presence of Jesus’ body in the tomb for 3 full days and nights. Proper dividing of the Word must take into consideration of all factors. When something does not fit, often not all of the equation is being looked at. Part of the rightful timing equation for the crucifixion of Jesus must include the Sabbath of the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This Sabbath can vary with the day of the week from year to year. In 34 AD the Sabbath of the Feast of Unleavened Bread began on the 5th day of the week following the Passover which occurred on the 4th day.

7.  For Jesus to be in the grave 3 days and 3 nights and to rise on the first day of the week, he had to be crucified on the 4th day (Wednesday) and placed into the tomb near the end of the 4th day until early morning of the 5th day. For the Jews each day begins when the sun goes down. In 34 AD as the sun went down on the 4th day (Passover), the 5th day began (First day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread).
8. The Passover begins on a full moon. The dates of previous full moons can accurately be determined from astronomy. Only 31 AD and 34 AD have a full moon on the 4th day (Wednesday) for their perspective years.
9.  31 AD does not allow enough years for the defined ministry of Jesus to occur from the beginning date of John the Baptist’s ministry of 29 AD. This leaves 34 AD as the most likely year that Jesus was crucified.
10.  The evidence that best corresponds to all of the scripture for the crucifixion date of Jesus is the 4th day (Wednesday), March 23, 34 AD Overall, the evidence weighs in favor of this date when considering the years between 29 AD and 36 AD.
11. For the Jewish days, each day ends with the going down of the sun, not at midnight. In Julian calendar days the Passover in 34 AD began on Tuesday evening as the sun went down and went to Wednesday until the sun went down. Jesus was crucified and died on the Julian calendar day of Wednesday.

Events Surrounding the Crucifixion of Jesus:

  • The 4th day, March 23, 34 A.D. begins the Passover day: This day begins with the going down of the sun at the end of the 3rd day.
  • The beginning of the 4th day (just after it gets dark):  Jesus and his disciples eat the Passover meal together.
  • Towards the beginning of the 4th day soon after the Passover meal begins: Judas leaves the meal to meet with Jewish religious leaders to betray Jesus.
  • Towards the beginning of the 4th day after eating the Passover meal: Jesus and his disciples, except for Judas, go together to the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • Evening of the 4th day after Jesus and the disciples go to Gethsemane:  Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss.
  • Evening and early morning of the 4th day: Jesus is tried by the Jewish religious leaders.
  • Morning of the 4th day: Jesus is delivered to Pontus Pilate by the Jewish religious leaders to be judged.
  • Morning of the 4th day: Pontus Pilate delivers Jesus to Herod.
  • Morning of the 4th day: Herod returns Jesus to Pontus Pilate.
  • Morning of the 4th day: Pontus Pilate sentences Jesus to death by crucifixion.
  • Morning of the 4th day: Jesus is crucified.
  • Afternoon on the 4th day: Jesus lays down his life to atone for all sin at around 3:00 pm. Immediately, the veil of the temple is ripped into two parts being torn from the top down. An earthquake occurs creating a crack in the ground just below the cross where Jesus is crucified.
  • After 3:00 pm on the 4th day:  A Roman soldier pierces the side of Jesus causing a flow of water and blood to flow from Jesus’ side. Some of this mixture of blood and water flow down the crack in the ground created by the earthquake.  The mixture of blood and water flow onto the mercy seat of the covenant which is sealed in a cave just below the exact location where Jesus is crucified.  The atonement for the sins of mankind is made not only spiritually but also by the blood of Jesus flowing onto the mercy seat of the ark of the covenant.
  • After 3:00 pm on the 4th day:  Joseph of Arimathea goes to Pontus Pilate to secure the body of Jesus. Joseph secures the body of Jesus from Pilate.
  • Late afternoon on the 4th day: Joseph prepares the body of Jesus for burial.
  • From the end of the 4th day until possibly the beginning of the 5th day: Joseph and his helpers place Jesus in the rock tomb that was to be the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.
  • The 5th day begins as the sun goes down ending the 4th day.  This is the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which is a Sabbath.
  • The beginning of the 5th day until after the 1st day begins: Jesus remains in the tomb a full 3 days and full 3 nights.
  • 1st day: Jesus rises from the tomb. This could have been as early as when the sun went down on the 7th day (Saturday night) until early morning on the first day (Sunday morning).
  • 1st day in the morning – Mary goes to the tomb where Jesus was placed by Joseph of Arimathea
  • 1st day in the morning – Mary is met by Jesus.
34 AD – Jesus rises from the tomb on the first day of the week, March 26 – 27, 34 AD. If Jesus rose before midnight, this would have been the Julian date of Saturday, March 26, 34 AD.  If he rose after midnight, this would have been the Julian date of  Sunday, March 27, 34 AD.
32/34 AD to 2032/2034 AD – Jesus continues to cast out devils and do cures.
2029 AD to 2031 AD – The great tribulation begins. The great tribulation lasts 3 1/2 years just prior to the return of Jesus.
2033 AD to 2034 AD – Jesus returns.

Soon Jesus Christ will return. Most likely that will occur within the next 15 years 3 months. My best guess for the return year of the Lord Jesus Christ is 2033.

NOTE: Attempting to determine the year when Jesus will return is not contrary to scripture. We can know the year, but not the exact day or hour of his return.

When 15 years and 3 months is reduced by the time of the 3 1/2 years of great tribulation, this only leaves 11 years and 6 months (at most) until the great tribulation begins.  When I say “at most” the timing could be shorter by up to 1 or 2 years. When the great tribulation begins, all normality that we have experienced will be gone. The times will become quite horrific for most. Billions will die. Man now has the weapons in his arsenals to destroy all flesh on the Earth. If the natural progressions of the great tribulation are allowed to play out, then all flesh on the Earth will be destroyed. Fortunately, Jesus will stop that natural progression and save mankind from total destruction.

The next couple of decades are going to be quite interesting and most challenging. It will be challenging for most just to survive. The key to survival will be to draw as close to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father as possible. By repentance and humility proper pursuit of the divine can be made. Such pursuit will be most important to survive what is soon coming.

Hope this article on the Life of Jesus – a Timing Study can be of help to you and yours,  Clint.

[Editor’s note:  Clint Young is a friend of mine and has been for many many years. I know him to be a man of integrity and a serious student of scripture. He has a very analytical mind and has spent a great deal of time studying scripture relative to prophetic events (past present and future).  He currently lives in Texas. /sc]

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