Powell’s endorsement is a huge slap in the face to McCain

The condemnation of John McCain by John Lewis – a man McCain called one of the three wise men he would consult as president – was a huge personal blow to McCain. But Powell’s endorsement of Obama is even more of a slap in the face.

Editor’s note
: I do not agree with all that Colin Powell says in this interview, but he raises some very interesting campaign tone and tenor questions for us all to keep in mind as we frame issues for the American public.

As I have stated online, in my opinion, Sarah Palin was not enough, McCain needed the real right wing of the party and never reached for the Republicans who energetically supported Ron Paul and Constitutional principles. In fact he and his people went to extreme places to hurt and exclude ‘those people’ from participation even after he had the nomination in his pocket.

So please don’t anyone blame Sarah Palin! She is a lovely lady with a Christian conservative perspective, even if she is a bit of a neocon. McCain and Bush and all their failed policies are not her fault. They do not reflect most in the Republican party either.

Republicans in leadership need to look in the mirror and get the log out of our own eye. Then decide if we really want people to be involved. Maybe we really want a few men to run the party from a closed room. On the other hand we may want to open our doors and play by the rules and work with everyone to try to free the country from the international bankers and globalists and neocons who are systematically working to destroy us from within. Maybe we will even find people on the other side of the aisle that we can work with to get spending under control and quit policing the world!

Everyone wants to be free and most understand that it requires personal responsibility!

Now could we quit with the name calling and slurs and racial stuff both black and white and left and right and let middle America get about restoring our nation to constitutional values and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as one nation under God . . . at least that is my view of the elephant in the room!/sc

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