Gano Coffee – a personal report

A dear friend of mine, Gloria Evans, called me in the midst of my recent breathing issues and asked me if I like coffee. I knew she was a health, nutritionist type person and I briefly ran through all the ways I could avoid telling her that I love coffee and drink at least one cup a day. I told her the truth and she said I have a coffee for you to try that I think you will like and is good for you too. She promptly sent me a sample, and I tried it and loved it. Even more than that, at the time I was monitoring my oxygen sats with a finger monitor and I watched them visibly rise a couple of points as I had my morning coffee (in the afternoon – you all know me!).

Anyway, it is available online and is a multilevel. Now I am not good about doing multilevel. I will not do anything more about this than to let you know about it. If you want to get it through me and help my efforts a bit, that is fine. If you want to get it some other way or not at all, that is fine too. I just want to let you know about the coffee and that it seems to be good for you and I love it. Here is the link to my ‘gano site’ to order it through me – Gano coffee

If you share this with others and you want to tell them about this coffee – the link will be posted under Gano Coffee to the far left as a permanent link. If you need more information about the coffee and other products or want to get more involved with the program, please call Gloria Evans @ 405.379.3867. You will love getting to know her too.


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