The CLC Gets Grizzly Tuesday, August 4: It’s Time for Freedom 21

Sandra Crosnoe - Finding Gems & Sharing Them


Click the picture to listen to the show @7pm CDT

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Join us as we talk about the Freedom 21 Conference, which is August 13 – 15 in Oklahoma City, with a sensational slate of speakers lined up to talk about all of the issues so important to liberty and the size and power of government today.

OkSafe’s Amanda Teegarden will join us to fill us in on the details.

Meanwhile, visit the Freedom 21 site for more information:

Click the picture to visit the Freedom 21 Website

Click the picture to visit the Freedom 21 Website

We also hope to hear from Liberty Rider Michael Maresco to get a follow-up report on his journey across country.

Be sure to join us and we invite you to call in (646) 915-9997.

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