Gifts that Ripple through Time

Are you looking for something for someone special to give them this year?  Do you know how to bless your family and friends?

It is a season of gift giving and there can be a lot of pressure to get just the right gift for each and every one and not to forget anyone either.  It can be really hard too because some people already seem to have everything and some people seem to need everything and you do want to bless and give and not offend and not forget.  May I suggest you stop and ask the Lord how to bless your family and friends.  Then you might actually ask the person who you are struggling with in your mind, how you can bless them.  You might even be surprised at the answer.

Sometimes the best gifts are family treasures passed on appropriately.  Sometimes they are the gift of time and talents and then there is a touch and a smile and a hug.  There is a loving word at the right moment.  There are planned events and times together sharing laughter and tears and memory of other special times together with friends and family — special moments that last forever!

I am wanting to give my family some little family treasures.  They aren’t gold and silver (most of them) but momentos from my mom and dad that part of the gift is researching the meaning behind the momento and documenting the story for the family.  I will share some of them here and show you what I mean over time, but right now I want to tell you about a very special gift that I received from my sister and her husband last night.  Years ago when in DC on political affairs and going from meeting to meeting trying to get Congressmen to ‘do the right things’ and build bridges to effective networks, I viewed the Kennedy Center from afar.  I always wanted to go there and last night we did.  The family had perfect seats for a wonderful musical/dance story full of history and entertainment.  We saw “Billy Elliott: The Musical.”

Paula and Tim Caswell (upper left) and Tracy and Byron Caswell (upper right); Ceiling chandelier (center) and Hall of States Flags (lower right)

It was a wonderful evening and the fulfillment of a dream for me!  

Thanks to my family for making it possible for me to go and be a part of the adventure with me!

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them

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