Send Nathan Dahm to the State Senate For the People of Oklahoma in District 33 (Broken Arrow area) because Righteousness Exalts a Nation


Endorsed by OCPAC and the Tulsa Beacon and Oklahoma R3publicans.  

Here is what was said in the Tulsa Beacon recently:

“Nathan Dahm represents the best hope for the future of America. The former president of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly, Dahm has demonstrated the leadership needed now and in the years to come. A former Christian missionary in Eastern Europe, Dahm is a solid fiscal and social conservative who will challenge fellow Republicans to hold true to the values in their platform.”

Nathan spent his childhood years in Broken Arrow while his parents attended Bible school. In 1994, the Dahm family moved to the Eastern European nation of Romania as missionaries to the former communist nation. Upon graduating high school, Nathan returned to Romania to serve as a missionary.

During that time he actively served in each department of his local church and designed the 65-acre Bible school campus being built a few miles outside Romania’s capital city, Bucharest, while serving as the general manager. In 2003, Nathan stayed on as general manager and added the position of Dean of Students for the Bible school’s charter class, serving as dean for four years until returning to Broken Arrow.

Upon returning home to Oklahoma, Nathan quickly noticed the changes facing America and the many challenges lying ahead. He became actively involved in the Tulsa County Republican Party ( and has served on the Executive Committee, as a precinct chair and as a current vice-chair, as the president of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly (

Nathan currently manages the daily operations of their family-owned cleaning company, as well as being self-employed with an app development company; and has worked in the past as an engineering technician for a local municipality, and as a producer for a local production company.

As a Constitutional Conservative, Nathan draws heavily from his experiences in the formerly communist- and currently socialist- nation of Romania to inform people of the failures, perils, and evils of socialism. His desire is to serve the people, whether it is the impoverished people in Romania, or the Oklahomans of the 33rd Senate District

Visit Nathan Dahm’s website here >>>

My personal note:  “Nathan is both wise and compassionate.  He is a gentle leader who loves and serves the people both in Christian ministry and in tirelessly working to restore the Republic.  He will  help us to get back to founding Constitutional principles in truly difficult times.  He is a favorite teaparty speaker and a prolife leader. He will be a consistent voice for less government and will guide us to creative ways to solve the problems before us.  Look for this principled champion to serve the people and for the people to be blessed because of it.  Righteousness exalts a nation.  Remember Nathan Dahm when you vote on Tuesday if you live in District 33.”   Sandra Crosnoe for Oklahoma R3publicans June 25, 2012

Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

Proverbs 14:34

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