Texas Straw Poll Event Set for Oct 24th in Montgomery County

Straw Poll Texas Event Oct 24th

October 24, 2013

Statewide Candidate’s Forum and Straw Poll

Grace Community Church

24400 North Interstate Highway 45

Spring, Texas

6:30-9:30 PM

Invitation from Debra Medina, candidate for Texas State Comptroller

The Montgomery County Republican Party together with the Montgomery County Tea Party are sponsoring a state wide candidate debate. Thursday night’s event will include the candidates for Governor, Railroad Commissioner, Attorney General, and Comptroller. A straw poll will be conducted. Tickets available at the door for $10. Doors open at 5:00.

If you live in or around Spring, I hope we’ll see you Thursday evening. In any case, I hope you’ll share this invitation with friends and family who are in the area. Your support is much needed and appreciated.

I’ll work hard to earn your vote in Thursday night’s straw poll and again in the March 2014 Republican primary.

For Freedom!

Debra Medina for

Texas State Comptroller

Debra Medina on Twitter

Debra Medina on Facebook

Medina for Texas – support/donate

Straw Poll Texas Event Oct 24thFor more information from Montgomery County Republican Party & Montgomery County Tea Party 

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Oklahoma ‘Crunch Time’ Primary Results | Freeople

Well folks, we won some, we lost some, and some are yet to be decided! For detail stats and returns see the report here on KOCO (OKC): (there is a drop down menu where you can choose the type of race and area of the state in order to view details)

Runoff election Aug 26th

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Crunch Time in Oklahoma – Vote Tuesday, July 29th!

R3PUBLICANS Encourage You to Get Out and 
Vote in the Primary Election Tuesday,  July 29th!  
Multiply your vote by adding relevant information to this document then pass it on to your friends and neighbors.  
Add information about your local races and share the information via email or by phone or over the back fence.     
[Editor’s note – post contains candidate information and links statewide]/sc

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County Sheriff – Federal Sock Puppet or Guardian of Liberty?

What do you really know about those candidates lined up, trying to convince you that they alone possess the elements of primo Sheriff Material? This is not the race to ignore because the position of sheriff is no paper tiger. It still has plenty of muscle and if you pop the hood and take a closer look >>>

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[Editor’s note: Questionnaire included with article – very useful!]/sc

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Quizzing Candidates and Sharing the Responses – B4U vote!

a questionnaire for local candidates. I want to encourage everyone to find out BEFORE YOU VOTE and share the information with a few friends and family and neighbors. Join R3PUBLICAN group and help us take back our party and our country!

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