Sample Ballot for Washington County OK – General Election 2018 – Vote Nov 6th

Early voting dates here.

If you need a sample ballot for Washington County, here is a copy (in pdf downloadable format):

SampleBallot – GENERAL ELECTION November 06 2018 for WASHINGTON COUNTY – OK

If you are in another area here is an online voter tool to see yours (you will have to provide your name and birthdate).

As you can see the graphics are too small to see well here so you will need to download the pdf file to study closely.  In general, I plan to vote Republican, but cannot in good conscience vote for Leslie Osborne, Joy Hoffmeister, or Glen Mulready.  I don’t support people who vote to raise taxes and fail to work to live within our/their means.  I will leave these places blank and hope the Republicans nominate better people in the future.  I don’t see the Democrats doing any better (sadly) and can find no information on the Independents on the ballot.

Judicial Retention

I plan at this point to vote No on all the judicial retentions for their failure to stand for life and their support of fees / taxes on the people.  See this article on topic.

State Questions

I will also be voting to turn down all the state questions on this ballot.  I considered writing a detail explanation on all of them.  However, you need to study them on your own and make your own decisions.  Here is a brief summary of why I am a NO on each one:

SQ793 (eye care in retail mercantile establishment) seems to rather obscurely include more licensing/requirements and was the only one I briefly considered voting for since in one respect it seems to “open up” new markets, but at the same time it adds constraints on the market that I would rather not see. [More info on this one here via Batesline taking no side on the question]

SQ794 (also known as Marsy’s law) this question on the surface might sound good to you however, it was proposed by a fellow in California (enough said?) and looks to me like it will add judicial overhead to do something already being done well.  The most egregious line in the whole thing says “Victims would no longer have a constitutional right to know the defendant’s location…” [More info on this one here via Batesline taking a pro side on the question]

SQ798 (Governor and Lt Gov combined ballot) consolidation of power is NEVER a good idea.

SQ800 (creating a new trust fund) NOT ANOTHER ONE

SQ801 (expanding permissible use of ad valorem tax revenue) since they are already misspending what they have, I certainly wouldn’t give them more ways to misspend what they have so we the taxpayers can continue to bail them out.

Bartlesville City Council

I don’t know the candidates in Ward 2.

If I lived in Ward 4, I’d be pleased to vote for Joel Rabin.  He is consistently bringing to light issues of importance to the whole community and standing up for the rights of the people in Ward 4 specifically and Bartlesville in general.  We need more men and women of courage like Joel on our city council.  He has the ability, the insight, and the temperament to stand against all odds as is needed in this city at this time.

Posted with prayers for all the candidates and all the voters.  

May we see things the way He sees things and love our neighbors even as we vote!

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sample Ballot for Washington County OK – General Election 2018


Sample Ballot & My Voting Recommendations – Oklahoma Republican Primary Run-off August 28th

Here is a sample ballot for Washington County SD11:If you are in another area here is an online voter tool to see yours (you will have to provide your name and birthdate).

Since several of you have asked me for my voting recommendations, here they are after much prayer and research and observing most of them in action (many for years).  My hope is that you will do your own research.  I will leave comments open on this post so that you can tell me your thoughts as well.  Note:  Bold is a strong endorsement.

Governor – Kevin Stitt

Lt. Governor – no preference

State Auditor – Cindy Byrd

Attorney General – no preference (edited 8/18/18 sc)

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Linda Murphy

Commissioner of Labor – Cathy Costello

Corporation Commissioner – Bob Anthony

US Representative CD01 – Kevin Hern

Praying for all of the above (and their opponents),
Sandra Crosnoe for FGST

PS If I lived in HD10:
State Representative District 10 – Travis Dunlap

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sample Ballot & My Voting Recommendations – Oklahoma Republican Run-off August 28th

My Sample Ballot in Washington County Oklahoma for the Primary Election on June 26 2018


Sample Ballot for Washington County – Part 1 (downloadable pdf file)



Sample Ballot for Washington County – Part 2 (downloadable pdf file)

This is my sample ballot for primary election ballot for Washington County (HD11)

Primary Election to be held on June 26, 2018 in Oklahoma

Here is an online tool from the Oklahoma State Election Board so that you can get your personal sample ballot which may differ depending on where you live.  It is also always available as a top tab item on

You will need to plug in some personal information to be able to locate your personal sample ballot online.  You had to be registered by June 1st in order to vote in this election.  I am registered as a Republican so this information will be different for you if you are registered in one of the other parties.  I will be providing some personal endorsements over the next couple of weeks.  Stay tuned!

Updated June 23, 2018: My Voting Recommendations are here now.

Congratulations to Jim Bridenstine; Condolences to Bartlesville on Bonds and Debt

Congratulations to all the winners!

Special congratulations to Jim Bridenstine for defeating long-time Congressman John Sullivan in the Republican primary.

The beginning of the end for Sullivan was his bailout vote several years ago.

Then there were teeshirts and signs naming names and and asking people to Remember the Bailout when voting.

Bob Anthony won his race by a significant margin and I am very pleased to offer him my congratulations as well.  

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Many people worked many hours to walk blocks and deliver flyers.  Thanks to all who did so!  I work with R3publicans and we are firm in our resolve to restore the republic; we will  never grow weary in doing good and standing firm for life, for liberty, and for a lot less government along the way.

In Bartlesville, all the bonds on the ballot, totaling slightly over $15M, passed.  Clearly we have some work to do to educate our city leaders about living within our means.  I am not sure whether it is more upsetting that city leaders asked for more money or that the voters agreed to it.  Much easier to vote yes to spend money today than it will be to pay your property taxes when you are in retirement on fixed income.  Related article here >>>   downloadable pdf file here

If you want to learn more about the Citizens for City Progress in Bartlesville and the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce and other groups supporting the bonds; here is a set of publications that you might find interesting (all pdfs and downloadable).  They are very pleased we have trusted them with more money while property taxes continue to rise and population continues to decline.  Maybe they know something that is not intuitive to me, but I would really like to see our city learn to live within it’s means and  *** gasp *** even work to reduce taxes.  We could even save for projects in the future instead of increasing the debt burden.  I suggest we stop banking on economic growth and hoping for an expanding tax base that may/may not occur.

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them

Washington County Sample Ballot for Special Election June 26 – Did you Know there were Bonds on the Ballot?

Proposition No. 1 $325,000 for the purpose of acquiring technology for the City…

Proposition No. 2 $7,085,000 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing and equipping a public safety complex…

Proposition No. 3 $2,240,009 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing and equipping and improving City parks and City cultural and recreational facilities…

Proposition No. 4 $5,350,000 to provide funds for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, and improving streets and roads in the city….

Total Indebtedness $15,000,009

I just have one question:  Anybody know why we can’t live within our means these days and pay for things out of current revenue streams?

Special thanks to Greg and Susan Hill (Tulsa Area) for election information received via email recently.



NOTICE: This list has 2 purposes: to allow you, the voter, to contact the candidates to help you determine

a) which candidates you will vote for and b) which candidates you will volunteer for.


SPECIAL ELECTION: City of Bartlesville (Pr 11-13,15,22,27,28,31,33,46,48,51,54,74,79,711) (see Sample Ballot):

Democrat Primaries (0/10):

Americans Elect Primaries (0/10): Independent:

Republican Primaries (3/10):


Democrat Primary (No candidates – primary cancelled)

Republican Primary

Bob Anthony 405-525-8811


Brooks Mitchell 405-818-7086



Democrat Primary (Primary cancelled)

John Richard Olson



Craig Allen 1000 S Denver Ave Apt 5303 Tulsa OK 74119

Republican Primary

Jim Bridenstine 918-877-0252


John Sullivan 918-712-2290


Democrat Primary (No candidates – primary cancelled)

Republican Primary

Bertha M. Rogers 1667 S OAK AVE BARTLESVILLE OK 74003-5436


Jill L. Spitzer 918-766-3022


* Registered Independents cannot vote in Primary or Runoff elections.





Be a part of the solution — get involved today!

For more information from local leaders or to join our prayer team see Washington County Grassroots Page

 Washington County PCT Map

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for Finding Gems & Sharing Them

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